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So. I owe you readers another blog. I've been behind lately, and I apologize, but instead of keeping up with my entries I have been making mad progress on my website for class. It has been my favorite thing to work on lately. There's just something about html coding that is so rhythmic and soothing. Now I sound like a dork, but seriously, to the organizer in me there is nothing better than the systematic writing of html format.

Here is a look at what I have been up to. There's a navigation bar and everything now. Yes, I realize there are not links to pages yet for "My Favorite Things" and "Creative Spaces," but be patient. It will happen. Check out the site and also feel free to offer up any advice for editing, improvements, revisions, whatever you want to call it. Thanks!

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I like html coding because I like knowing that I made the site lol.

At first my site was similar to yours, but then I cheated and decided on using a template. The colors of your site blend well which makes the text easier to read. I also like the font style.

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