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Hook In My Eye

Jerz, ''Poems: Short but Effective'' -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"you fit into me
like a hook into an eye

a fish hook
an open eye"

I really enjoy short poetry, but sometime I just don't get it! After reading this one many times I still don't get the last two lines. I feel like they were kind of random, but it still brings a smile to my face. Maybe because it is bizarre...but I laugh out loud when reading, "a fish hook an open eye"

I feel that the hardest thing about these short poems is that you are taking this big idea like a person fitting into you like a hook in the eye and making it this short and to the point (which I can't figure out) in four lines.


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Margaret Jones:

I didn't really get the last two lines either, I think it was just like a sarcastic figurative statement but maybe I was missing something. But reguardless, I guess not knowing what the last line meant didn't matter because I still smiled when I read this poem.

Chera Pupi:

I agree that it is something like sarcasm. You read the first two lines, and it's not the prettiest imagery, but you still get the sense of something fitting well into something else. You might think,"Oh, I guess that's nice. They fit well together." Then you read the last two lines, and it's totally different. You realize that the speaker and this other person don't fit well together, rather, the speaker doesn't like, or want the other person to fit well--it's painful!

Corey Struss:

I was thinking that this poem could be about a relationship that the author is having with a Man.

But yes. It is hard to understand how these 16 words can create such a debate about what it means.

John Smith:

I think the first part tries to instill a sense that the relationship between the author and her loved one is great. They fit together perfectly, such as a hook and eye which are the two pieces that hook a bra together.
The second part of the poem "a fish hook an open eye" is the opposite of what the reader assumes. It is a painful relationship, drastically different and much more forced than the one previously assumed. Also, the last couple of lines hint that although it's a painful relationship the two will stay together (after all it's kind of tough to pull a fishing hook out of an open eye).

I think its pretty simple.

You fit into me like a hook into an eye.

A teacher says that elaboration helps get the point across. I guess that this is the point in which the poet picks the pencil back up and writes "a fish hook an open eye"

This is my all time favorite poem simply because it is just that, simple, but a big concept.

After reading the first part, its kind of like "okay...". After reading the second part though; to me, even though I understood it the first time, it throws in some real impact on what was said. Its like... A fish hook into my eye? Wow, that'd hurt a lot.

James Bryson-Offen:

I think it is a fairly simple idea- love can be great, but there are tough times too. A hook and eye are used in women's clothing- (a sign of femininity by this female poet) to hold things together, just as the poet and her partner hold it together through good times and bad. I agree with John Smith- pulling a hook out your eye would hurt, just as this woman finds it easier to stay in the relationship then face her partner and get out. Domestic violence? Rape? Maybe.
Also, a hook in your eye would blind you. Love is blind.


I heard this poem recently and I loved it. It's the perfect twist. A professor said that it was about a relationship that went sour, excruciatingly sour.

I could be wrong, but I think the poet sent the piece to her lover to inform him of the break up. Ew.


I think you guys are all looking at this poem from one perspective. You guys seem to see it as a good relationship gone sour, but what if it wasn't written in that regard?

The first two lines are odd, but simple imagery. It definitely creates the picture of something being together. So assume the author is in a relationship that she has no qualms with, and the two get along perfectly.

Then the last two lines further that imagery with being blunt and using a more graphic image. Possibly showing just how bound the two are.

I could be wrong. That's the thing about poems: you get what you get out of them. Like the first post said, it was pretty effective. Good poem.

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