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Putting Names on Familiar Dialogue

Hamilton, Essential Literary Terms (112-149) -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"An aside is a speech, usually brief, that according to theatrical conventions, is heard only by the audience, or, sometimes, is addressed privately to another character on stage."

After reading through the dialogue sections, I was able to put a lot of information that I had once learned to an actual word. Throughout high school, we read several plays and of course almost all of the plays have asides in them, but I never knew they were actually called asides. These speeches that the character makes, pretty much letting out grief or joy or any information pertinent to the story that only the audience knows!!! Well, now that makes sense!!! Even though some of the information that we are reviewing is repetitive to what I already know it is good that we are refreshing our memories and learning new things still!


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Margaret Jones:

Bethany I definitely agree with you!! I just thought that when we read plays in high school, I was always reading a soliloquy instead of an aside because I never really learned about asides. But I think that this text definitely helped me to become familiar with terms that I really was not sure about.

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