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What Is It About Material Possession!?

Anonymous, ''Everyman'' -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

Everyman- "Alas, I have thee loved, and had great pleasure
All my life-days on good and treasure."

After reading the part on goods and how Everyman wishes to take them on his journey, I thought back to "The Machine Stops" and my response to Jara's blog. I agreed with her that it is sad how much we rely on our material possessions, when in fact we cannot take them with us in the end. Everyman figures this out and realizes that there is more to his life, and to create a moral learns from it. I just thought that this correlation was interesting between the two stories.


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Margaret Jones:

I feel the same as you. And it is interesting the correlation between these two stories. But it is so true that we cannot take our material possessions with us in the end, so we should not hold them as highly as we do. But rather focus on the "good deeds" instead of the "goods" in life.

Yeah, it is interesting. This is a big issue that people generally don't think about. We live in a world where it seems that money and possessions are everything, but in actuality, there are much more important things.

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