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Open the Box and Take a Look Outside of It!

In chapter ten, tunnel vision is the main discussion. I found it very important because I think a lot of people don't think outside of the box these days. I mean seriously how didn't they catch the difference in the survey about infectious diseases. First they missed the fact that AIDS was not recognized in the first survey, and then they also forgot to recognize the aging population. So in reality the survey was a positive outcome after they realized that the aging population had lived longer because of medical advances. And the thing is, I am sure everyone who read the article just saw the number and was like, "Ohh geez, that can't be good" without even THINKING that people have tunnel vision, because they suffer from it as well! So I think the most important thing is to keep an open mind and not to suffer from this sort of tunnelled vision.

In conclusion of the book, I really think it has helped me realize many things about statistics and news writing. Take everything with a grain of salt, verify or duck, look outside the box, and so much more!


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