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This Can't Be Right...

While reading the intro. and first chapter of It Ain't Necessarily So, I thought I had a good angle for my blog. Then I got to the last few pages of chapter one and realized they had the same angle as I did. So I read in hopes that something else would pop out at me, and there is was "Coming to Terms with the News That Isn't There". In the 2nd paragraph it reads, "First, it's important to realize that even the best newspaper imaginable could not possibly offer anything like an accurate reproduction and distillation of reality."

Correct me if I am wrong, but this is against everything that we have learned so far in class. Maybe I am misreading this statement. I know there are errors in the paper, but this sentence is pretty much saying, there is always a bias in the newspaper? Please let me know what you thought when you read this, and maybe give a different alternative to this scary thought.

PS: On a less serious note, I would like to share something. I have to admit that I find blogging sometimes "dorky", but a good academic tool. With that, I was pretty much blown away when my Dad sent me an email with a link to one of my favorite baseball players blog. Ryan Garko of the Cleveland Indians blogs, I must be cooler than I think. Here is the link if you are interested... Ryan Garko's Playoff Blog


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Chelsea Oliver:

I thought the same thing when I read that sentence in the book. Hopefully this could come up in class because Jerz has always told us not to have a bias, and even though I think that a lot of papers and news stations still do, it is wrong, and not the proper "journalistic way." So it kind of upsets me that the book just comes out and says that. (maybe we're both reading it wrong?)

At least cool baseball players blog though right? lol

First off Go tribe, I am a Yankees fan, and I root for anyone who plays against the redsox, so beat Boston's arse!
second-yes the papers are biased, as I mentioned on Daniella Choynowski blog about the two main papers around here-the Tribune Review, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The Trib is a very conservative paper, where the Post-Gazette is very liberal. If you were top look at those papers, and read the same stories you will see the slant going in the direction of the paper. That is why if you want to read the truth in the paper, read the box scores in the sports page. There are no lies, no slanting (in the box scores) going on, just facts.

Jara White:

I have to say I agree to a certain extent. I think that the quote does say, their will always be some biases in newspaper writing. But I think what Dr. Jerz is trying to tell us is to make sure it doesn't happen or at least to be on guard against it. Also the quote mentions "accurate" news telling of reality. Which could possibly mean we won't always get/tell events or stories the way it actually happend because its hard to re-enact whats already passed. But we can all try to come as close to the truth as possible, which will still only be the truth we see.


While the point in IANS about all papers is being biased is slightly disconcerting, I'd have to agree that it's true. All people have some sort of bias, and, since papers are produced by people, it's inevitable that some of this bias will seep into the print. Actually, you can usually determine if a newspaper has a more conservative or liberal bias. (Michelle's comment about the Tribune being conservative and the Post-Gazette being liberal is a good example of this.)

As for Garko's blog, I'm so excited you found that!! I'm an Indians fan too and I just found his blog last week. I love reading it! Go Tribe!!!!


Oops, sorry, I called you Michelle, Mitch. I must have read your name too fast. No wonder I couldn't figure out who Michelle was.

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