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"mimetic argument--the work gives an accurate picture of reality..." -Keesey 205

"As drama, for instance, dropped the use of meter and adopted 'natural' speech and carefully detailed settings and costumes to portray contemporary bourgeois characters, each development was hailed as making drama more 'realistic'. Yet Chekhov, for one, looked on plays that employed all these devices as 'unrealistic' in their presentation of well-made plots and of characters who could concentrate their attention on a single theme or follow the thread of a complex conversation." --Keesey 206

I picked these quotes, because I thought they were pretty interesting. Even though they tried to change drama in an effort to make it more "real" and "lifelike" their attempts were became a sort of clique. When I read about Chekhov and how he introduced the "theatre of the absurd" I understood that this was just as much mimetic because it was pushing the standards of realism. If you think about it, the norm and the real genre's may be over used and unrealistic after it becomes a sort of clique.

When I read it, I thought of soap operas. I will admit that every summer I get sucked into the soap opera "The Young and the Restless" and they try to make themes real and relatable but by sort of OVER using these realistic stories, such as blackmail, addition to gambling, surprise pregnancies, and lost lookalike sisters is just a little too much. It loses the ability to actually act as realism.

I believe this is the point Chekhov was trying to make when he made the claim that the real drama was "unrealistic." What do you think?? Also I guess when I read this I thought a lot about reader-response because isn't it the reader that decides whether the story is real and a form of mimetic??

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Consider my mind blown Bethany. I honestly have no idea. How typical. lol. I know what you mean about soap operas. At work we used to put on Passions which is quite possibly the most unrealistic and pathetic soap opera ever. It's basically soap opera meets Sabrina the teenage witch. Check it out sometime.

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