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"Judgment implies knowledge, especially knowledge of right and wrong, which in turns implies a hierarchy of values and powers within which the determination of right and wrong is made."-Sears para. 5

Okaaay. So this is seriously a packed quote!! If you can judge something, you have knowledge of right and wrong. And this means that that it is a determinate of what right and wrong is? In the case of free will, we have the choice and the knowledge to chose between right and wrong. Therefore we must use judgment in what we chose to do.

In the battle of right or wrong through, it's all objective. We see this in Segismundo's struggle to understand the difference between free will and freedom. After reading this quote, the importance of right and wrong seems to be the underlying significance in the play and in the struggle to understand that free will gives you the option to make a good or poor choice. It is not the equivalent of freedom.


So how about this -

Judgment is a term that is based on psychology and can be used in many different ways.

Many questions can be answered with a simple yes or no, but some answers are more complicated and require additional thought.

So isn't free will a similar to judgment?

A group of ten people could be asked the same question, but each member could have a different answer. It is interesting to think that judgments are determined through psychology and the persons knowledge.

Bethany, you point out an interesting point. That judging requires a sense of right and wrong and if there is right and there is wrong, who decides which is which. And from society to society and person to person this idea is going to differ slightly, so how can we really have any right or wrong at all, since there is not true agreement on it? Another related idea is that of the end justifying the means. If the final result is good, is what causes this final result ok, even if it could be considered unethical?

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