Portfolio 3-The End

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I hate to say this, but we are FINALLY in the home stretch and it feels amazing. Throughout this semester I have learned so much about literary criticism. While this class was the most challenging course I've had at SHU I feel I've improved the most throughout this semester and course. When I look back I honestly can see a change in my understanding of literary criticism, an improvement in my literary analysis and a subtle development in my critical essays. Although I don't think I will be using literary criticism directly in my future career, I feel that the information and skills of analysis and critical thinking will help me in any job I seek out. I feel that my blogs have been beneficial to my learning process. Not only have my peers helped me further understand the different criticism schools, but I hope I have helped them better understand information. Over the semester we've had good conversation and have really utilized our blogs as tools to educate us.

Overall I feel that the most difficult for me this semester was staying on task on all our assignments. In the end I feel that I managed my time wisely and tried my hardest to have my blogs posted when my peers would be able to use them. I didn't always do such a great job commenting, but after my second blog portfolio I tried to step up where I had slacked off a little bit.

As far as our presentations go, I am very interested to see what Derek and Angela plan to present. Their website is fantastic and I think it will be a great presentation. I really enjoyed Greta and Katie's presentation about teaching literary criticism. I think it was very brave to go into the classroom and teach something that may not have gone over well with high school students, due to the difficulty of the subject matter. I thought it was great that they had students come into class to discuss what they learned and took away from the class. I'm also looking forward to seeing Erica and Jenna's presentation about Jane Austen, because who doesn't love Jane?

I'm also looking forward to Ellen and my final presentation. We are looking at the Three Little Pigs and will have a website and our own story to tell. We originally were going to do stuff on labrynths in literature and films, but we later decided to pick a lighter topic and more fun topic. Therefore we decided to look at the different three little pigs. I think it will turn out great and I am looking forward to the feed back from our class.

Here are my last two portfolios from literary criticism.
Portfolio 1: Shows the progress of my understanding of literary criticism. I feel I did a good job blogging and commenting this time around.
Portfolio 2 : I may have slacked off just a little bit, but I got all my blogs done and I feel I improved my timeliness since then.

Here's a look at how I have improved since my last portfolio!
Depth: A blog where I went into a TON of detail!
Ambiguity in Inconsistencies: Covers all the information I presented in my presentation on Feldstein analysis of "The Yellow Wall-Paper"

Discussion: A blog where my peers commented a lot and hopefully got a lot out of my thoughts, ideas, and analysis
Sympathy Misplaced? : Covers my frustration of specific analysis of literature...got the class talking and discussing their feelings towards interpretations that challenge our ideas

Timeliness: A blog I got in early and as a reward had peeps comment on it!
Knowledge Exceeds History: Got some great comments.

Wildcard:The blog I wanted you to see this time around!
ART: I really take pride in my ability to apply what I am learning in one class into another. I think this skill will help me in my future career, which is ultimately what college should be preparing me for. So I wanted to show you this blog where I use visual arts to further understand literary criticism.

Check out the other portfolios!

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