Ahhh a Brainstorming Handbook- Sweet Relief

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"Unwritten thought is incomplete thought" (29)

            I found pages 13-34 the most helpful in chapter 1. I am quite new to outlining; therefore, I really took note of the advice in Roberts Ch. 1. Generally, I would just start writing my first draft after I had decided on a thesis statement and completely skip the outlining process. However, after having Dr. Jerz for STW last year, I discovered how outlining is actually really helpful and not busy work. Unfortunately, I had to wait a few weeks into the semester for my book to come in the mail so I just now had a chance to go back and read this chapter. I wish I would have read it before writing my paper 1 rough draft because I struggled with finding a topic to write about. I am going to try to use the star graph for my next few readings to see if this brainstorming process helps me with writing my essays. Dr. Jerz always said last year that the outlining (presubmission report) was the most difficult part of the writing process; however, once you had a good outline the other steps flowed much nicer. I found that to be true in STW and now I will see if the same applies in a literature course. (I'm quite sure it will).

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