Jealousy is NO Virtue

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Perhaps the reverend sees Scoresby's actions as blunders because he would not have chosen the same route; and who is he to decide the quality of Scoresby's actions when he himself has no major honors in the military besides being a military instructor. When a person helps another progress, they seem to take credit for every success that stems from their one good deed; however, the reverend only helped Scoresby pass a test, the rest of Scoresby's accomplishments need only be accredited to Scoresby himself. People who want to credit themselves with another's accomplishments are selfish in that they regret ever helping the person because they are jealous that the person who once needed a hand has now passed them up in achievement.  It is no coincidence that Scoresby "has been a shining soldier in all our wars for half a generation" (362) for he is simply a man worthy of respect for his accomplishments.

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