Sulk or Recover?

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"But to-day she passed the baker's by, climbed the stairs, went into the little dark room--her room like a cupboard--and sat down on the red eiderdown" (Roberts 351).

            Wow that story was depressing. I wonder what Miss Brill would do in the days following being made fun of. Would she sulk all week in self pity, hiding in her room? Would she consult with a friend, perhaps her English colleagues or the man she reads the paper to? Maybe these people would tell her how great she is and how much they care about her, anything to make her feel better and pull her out of her rut.  Would she follow her usual routine on the Sunday ahead or would she wait a few weeks before returning? Maybe she wouldn't return at all. Maybe she would find a new location to "people watch"at. If she did decide to return to the park, maybe someone would confront her there. Maybe just being spoken to nicely and noticed in a positive way would help her feel better.

            I find it strange that people "people watch". Yes, I am sure we have all listened in a conversation at one time or another on purpose or by accident, which would make us all slightly guilty of "people watching". What I find strange is when people "people watch" for long periods of time. I remember a girl admitting in class once that she and her boyfriend would sit in their car in a parking lot for a few hours at a time, watching people and talking about them. How about that for making you feel even more self conscience then society already makes us feel.  

            I tried to think of a possible positive for "people watching" and this was all that I could come up with. Maybe to get an idea for a character or story to write about, watching everyday people could jolt some ideas. Maybe you could look at someone and then write what you would imagine that person's life to be like. It just might help you write a novel someday, who knows. I can't say whether or not this actually works because I never tried it, but I would imagine it would.  


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