December 30, 2004

Finding The Right Job!

thinking.gif Looking for the perfect career? Take these following steps:

1. Read career/job choice books- The information will provide you with in-depth facts so you know exactly what type of job best suits you.

2. Write a great resume- This will allow other employers to see your professional skills that you have assisted or you are willing to do.

3. References- Ask your fellow peers and colleagues for references.

4. Visit Seton Hill's Career Development Center- See what we have to offer and for our help to lead you into that career choice you have always dreamed of.

5. Research internships that pertain to your career- Check out Seton Hill's internship office on 5th admin for more details.

6. Prepare cover letters and thank you notes to show that you truly care to earn this career.

7. Attend national/local job fairs to see what careers are available out in the real world. Check out WESTPACS job fair Fall 2004!

8. Prepare for interviews!

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December 15, 2004

Helpful Tip For Interviews

According to Candace Davies, professional resume writer, a helpful hint during a professional interview is:

Try Not To Ramble During the Interview:

There was a teacher who walked into the interview room and was asked to “Tell me about yourself.” Well, did the candidate ever let loose. She discussed her marital and financial problems and shared the fact that she really enjoyed Chinese food.

Think about it: What value has this response shown the interviewer? None. In fact, the interviewers would be thinking that the candidate would have a difficult time concentrating on her position with all her life problems. The candidate may have released information that ended up screening her out of the running for the position.


Talking too much also showed that she has a difficult time expressing herself and/or that she really doesn’t know the answer to the question. Demonstrate your strong communication skills by presenting your response with enthusiasm in a clear, concise manner.

Get down to the basic facts, once you land that job, you can become friends with your colleagues and talk as much personal items as you want to!

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December 14, 2004

Seasonal Jobs For You!

According to the Monster Retail industry, SEASONAL JOBS, are always in need during this holiday season. Retailers always need to hire seasonal workers to satisfy swelling crowds of customers. If you are just that GOOD at your job, you may be able to revolve from that seasonal job into a permanent one.


There are three steps in the process of landing this seasonal job.

1. Most workers are on holiday break or vacation and are just in the mood to land a few extra dollars in their pockets for Christmas presents or what not. It sometimes does not really matter if this is referring to their major or career choices.

First take notes on these topics:

-Prepare a list of five or more retailers you would like to work for.

-Distinguish your application with the care you put into its preparation.

-Be specific about the kind of work you want to do, but indicate your flexibility.

-From the start, declare your interest in eventual full-time or permanent part-time employment.


2. If interested, set your sights on a permanent position

When a retailer invites you for an interview or offers you a seasonal position, it's time to ask some questions:

-What are the prospects of being offered permanent employment?

-Will the company evaluate my performance as a seasonal worker? How?

-What can I do to demonstrate my superior value as a permanent employee?

-What proportion of your seasonal employees is eventually offered regular jobs?


3. How to prove yourself on the seasonal job

As soon as you start a seasonal retail job, it's time to show the boss you're serious about converting your opportunity into a regular job.

-Demonstrate grace under the pressure of the holiday shopping season.

-Be 100 percent reliable; work all the hours you've agreed to and more if possible.

-Volunteer for a variety of tasks; show you're eager to learn all aspects of the retail operation.

-Make your ability to keep customers happy visible.

-Periodically remind your supervisor of your interest in a permanent position.


Make sure to take our advice and tips! Best of luck with grasping that seasonal job you hope to get hired for during the holiday season!

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December 13, 2004


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