Feeling Like a Fool...

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I had a difficult time getting some of the jokes in Goodnight Desdemona Good Morning Juliet because I didn't understand what a Foolscap was.  I kind of figured it out by using context clues, but I wanted to be sure so I looked up a definition. I'm going to try to clarify this for myself, and I hope that someone will tell me if I'm off base. I know at the end of the play she is considered the fool because she is actually the real author of the story.  There is a play on words with fool and cap which is why she wakes up without the hat.  She is now able to successfully finish her dicertatcion (on foolscap), no longer making her a fool-right?  Did I get the puns, or am I still stuck looking like the fool?  If anyone has answers for me I would appreciate it!  Thanks!

"Foolscap is a size of paper, traditionally 8½ by 13½ inches (216 by 343 mm), though today it may be a bit smaller, and the term may be used loosely to refer to any large format paper. Technically, the measurements listed above define a size known as foolscap folio. Folio simply means half a sheet of paper, and foolscap is traditionally 17 by 13½ inches. Foolscap folio is usually referred to either asfoolscap or as folio paper."


I think this is a picture of the kind of hat that is referred to in the play...


And now see what the class has to say...


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