Twain, "Luck": "We got issue in America..."

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I feel lame admitting this, but the first time I read this piece I never even questioned the Reverend.  I read the entire thing, chuckled when appropriate, and never realized that the entire story had a double meaning.  In my mind I kept comparing Scoresby to former President Bush.  Does anyone remember, "We got issue in America.  Too many good docs are getting out of business, too many OBGYNs aren't able to practice their...their love with women all across this country."  My comparison between the two relates to the comment that Dr. Jerz made in class when we discussed "Luck."  He said that a person does need to be exceptionally smart in order to be in a position of power; he just needs to be surrounded by intelligent people.  If nothing else, George W. Bush made some very wise decisions when he chose his campaign managers and his handlers.  I don't know any teachers who encouraged their students to model their speeches after the former president, but I definitely know a few Communications professors who were impressed by his marketing skills!  Perhaps I missed the point of the story the first time around, but there is always a slim chance that the unreliable narrator was at least partially correct.  Maybe Bush and Scoresby do have something in common?


Dianna Griffin said:

Don't worry, I didn't notice the double meaning of the story until we discussed it in class either. I think it's funny that you related Bush to Scoresby because I would have never put two and two together, and I would definitely not model a speech after him either.

Dianna Griffin said:

Carissa, I commented on this once and I guess it didn't show up. So, if a comment shows up from me twice I apologize. However, I did not ever realize that there was a double meaning in the story either. I didn't realize it till we had the discussion in class about it! I love how you compared Scoreby to Bush. I would have not ever put the two together, and I would definitely not model a speech after him. Maybe I should start surrounding myself with intelligent people!

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