Lost in a Library and Looking for a Topic

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I feel like one of the most difficult parts of a research paper is coming up with a specific topic to research.  It's almost like trying to title a poem before you've written it.  I found pages 259-259 helpful because they suggest different ways to approach the assignment.  I tend to be more interested in the reason why an author wrote something (leaning more towards number 4&5) rather than studying one particular author in detail (suggestion 1, 2, and 3).  I never realized this about myself until I read it in Roberts.  I think this will help steer me in the right direction when writing my own paper this week!


Goodness, I hate coming up with topics. I love it when I finally arrive at one that just makes sense; everything falls into place and it practically writes itself.

So far, that's only happened once for me in this class. It's disappointing.

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