Review of True Grit by Ron Carlson

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I hand a very difficult time finding a book review for Brokeback Mountain because the story was originally found in a collection of short stories titled Close Range, and because the novella was recently made into a movie.  Instead, I reviewed True Grit by Ron Carlson.  His review covers several short stories in Annie Proulex's collection, including Brokeback Mountain.  The book review was different from others that I have read because it summarizes several short tales instead of just one tale.  The plot summaries were short and sweet, but Carlson was able to describe Proulx's writing style clearly.  Carlson's western phrases like "staked her claim"and  "folks" were a nice touch that make the reader want to dive into the old west genre.  He doesn't give any endings away, and the summaries tease just enough to make the reader want to buy the book immediately.  You get the impression that the stories won't end well, but you still want to read them anyway.  

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