Roberts Ch 8: The Siamese Tail

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(I read that we were supposed to do this entry in the outline but I didn't know where to post it!)

The Siamese Tail

There once was a snobby cat, a pedigree,

And a most demanding feline.

In all the world there was none

So versed in shrieks and howls,

And many was the meal he would refuse,

Only moist chicken and tuna, lest his owner he would abuse.

He would demand daily belly rubs, thrice a day

And insisted on deep spinal massages,

He had sleek fur, blue eyes, and a belly quite the size.

His owners called him a Siamese, but he knew he was a tiger in disguise!

I wrote this poem for question 4, letter c.  I focused on the image of the Siamese cat's snobbery.  I hope readers will be able to feel the soft pedigree fur, smell the canned tuna fish, and hear his shrieks and howls.  I also wrote adjectives to show what he looked like.

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