Another Scrooge/Sinner Comparison

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After reading Karyssa's blog, Selfishness Prevails, it made me think again about this classic Christmas story and my last blog when I compared the church's unsaved metaphor as a sinner carrying chains to Marley's ghost.  If Scrooge and a sinner are essentially the same person carrying the burdens of their sins, why exactly did they decide to change in the end?  

I would like to believe that it was because they both saw the error of their ways.  Scrooge was genuinely touched and needed to do something to improve Tiny Tim's living conditions.  He actually realized the joy of giving and the stupidity of hoarding when he didn't even have anyone he loved to leave his money to after he died.  The sinner finds the Lord because he feels guilty about his/her past and desires to live a better life through the church and the Bible's direction.

In the end, how many people decide to change for purely selfish reasons?  How many people are just scared of going to hell?  Was Scrooge just scared to become another Marley, living his own life of hell -- condemned to walk the earth while dragging his sins behind him?  Questions to ponder. 


Aja Hannah said:

Some people remain selfish though especially when they don't have selfless reason to change. For example, being gay has nothing to do with another person, but yourself. Those who believe being gay is wrong/a person's choice would tell them to change their ways to save their soul or they go to hell.

I hope I was objective there. I don't mean to upset anyone.

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