Dr. Seuss' stories were political?

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On Monday, October 26, I went to Rev. John T. Pawlikowski's presentation, "The Catholic Church and Human Rights."  To be honest, I don't feel like I took away very much from the speech.  I have heard several Holocaust speakers and all of their presentations have been very moving.  However, Rev. Pawlikowski's piece did not directly relate to the Holocaust.  He mentioned it because it is obviously a human right's topic, but it wasn't the main point of his speech.  I'm not Catholic, so all of the references to Catholic history and past bishops went over my head.  His speaking skills were not very energetic either.  I'm sure if I would have attended other presentations I would have a different response overall.

However, I'm still really glad I went because I picked up a helpful booklet for my research paper, American Cartoonists/ Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.  The book taught me a lot about the subject.  Did any of you know that all of Dr. Seuss' books have political messages?  Also, comic books were so popular during the 1940s because America needed a hero like Superman and Captain America during WWII. 

I think this book is in the Holocaust room in the library.  I suggest it.  It's a quick, entertaining, informative read.  Check it out!

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