October 27, 2003

Leaders of Tommorrow?--PPPLLEEASE!

As time goes on and the world becomes even more illuminated with high tech things, one would assume that along with the mechanics of these things also comes the brains of the generation that produces them. As generations go on and are exposed to things that are more amusing than important, the teen generation reaches the point where the issues that are really important don’t really matter anymore and those issues are set aside for someone else to handle. The reality of today’s world is that teens are looked down upon. They are mostly looked down upon for that laziness that they openly admit to having and also for their nonchalant attitudes that come from, more or less, living a carefree life.
As time goes on, generations are suppose to increase their knowledge and achieve the American Dream of making the world a better place. But all the teen generation of today has to look forward to is a crumbled future if someone doesn’t come and take a stand soon. Teens need to take a stand and speak publicly on issues, if any, that they find important and have intelligent opinions on.
In order to be heard one has to be worth listening to. If a generation has a reputation that lacks articulate and intelligent voices, then it will definitely be overlooked. In order for the teen generation of today to have an active say so in the direction that world is headed teens should educate themselves on issues that have become of importance, remembering that everyone’s opinion counts.
Educating one’s self is the first step. The next step is taking a stand. And with that in mind, the question arises: do teens get a fair chance to voice opinions on issues that they find important?
It can be assumed that sometimes teens that care to make a difference are pushed away because of the sometimes true stereotypes about ignorance and nonchalant attitudes that teens possess. It is quite evident that if a teens accepts a little bit more responsibility to the fact that in a little while it will be time for us to run the world then teen opinions will not only be heard, but furthermore considered and put into action.
The generation that has been subjected to the fantasy worlds of entertainment shows such as “Jackass” and “South Park” need to put down the remotes and pick up a book and gain the knowledge that it takes to obtain leadership qualities, awareness, confidence, and pride.
Once again, everyone has the right to be heard, but one needs to earn it. The teen generation of today needs to gain the dignity that has been lost for standing silent for far to long. Stand Up! Have a Voice! Be Heard!

Posted by Carla Rae Jackson at October 27, 2003 08:37 PM
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