November 13, 2003

Isnt It Great To Know That We Live In A Country Where We Can Get Away With Murder!

Go ahead, stab someone right now and I bet you wont get any reprecussions for your actions. America is suppose to be a country in which people are justified for thier actions, especially when those actions are deadly.
In Galveston Texas on Tuesday a 60 old millionaire was found not guilty in the murder of his 71 year old neighbor. Although the alleged suspect convinced jurors that he shot his neighbor in self defense, he also managed to brainwash then into believing that he chopped the corpse into small peices and dumped his body into the Galveston Bay because he was "Scared". Bullshit! Ok seriously, in a state of panic would you add more salt to your wound by further mulalating the body and then throwing it in the ocean.
Ok. Ok. fine, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. He was scared. I'll buy that. But, this testimony came from a man who is a suspect in 2 other cases prior to this one. He is a suspect in being apart of the disappearance of his wife some years ago as well as an incident that invovled a severe accident with his wife's best friend. On top of all of that he was arrested six weeks after he posted bond for stealing a sandwich in Pennsylvania, although he had hundreds of dollars in his pocket. This man is a nutcase! He doesnt need to be freed. He needs some proffessional help. He needs to put his millions of dollars to good usage on himself.
Oh, and to further support my claims of him being a nutcase, this psycho has the nerve to admit to want to be the man that he killed. He claimed that he wanted to be Morris Black (the victim) to escape the eye of some people who were curious about the his invovlment with the disappearance of his first wife. He also admitted to walking along the Galveston smoking marijuana while being dressed as a woman! This fool is ill!
If I was on the jury. I would have let him go on terms of insanity but I would have still found a way to send his demented behind to the nut house.
So you see, its perfectly fine to kill in America! Or a least that is the message that is being protrayed here. This doesnt make me feel safe at all and Im sure many others feel that way. And if I was ever to see Robert Durst walking down the street.......................

Posted by Carla Rae Jackson at November 13, 2003 08:01 PM

WOW that's appauling! How could they have said that he was innocent of murder! Even if he did kill the man in self defense what could make him chop up the body??? If you are scared you are gonna wanna get as far away from the crime as possible, not mutilate the helpless corpse. This story makes you wonder how many other psycos like this are let off everyday?

Posted by: Steph at December 2, 2003 06:22 PM
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