March 10, 2004


Overall I think that this was an interesting piece. Although there was not a narrator to explain exactly what going on I think that the piece spoke loudly about how certain incidences in a woman's life can alter her judgement and lead her to do some "crazy" things.
I must admit that some of the repitition within the story kinda bothered me and some of the dialect from that era in time bothered me too. Other than that I thought the concept was a good one and also thought that Sophie Treadwell did a good job in delivering the message that was suppose to be sent about this true story.
When we talked about this story in class Prof Jerz posed the question was the youngs woman murdering her hisband justified? I said no, it would only be justified if there were a flock of women going around killing thier husbands, and it probably wouldnt even have been justified then. The way that the young lady was being treated was normal for the time period that she lived in. Although it seemed, in the end like the episodes that were displayed in the book were suppose to provide some type of reason for her killing her husband the really didnt for that exact reason. Women endured the type of exploitations the young woman did all the time.

Posted by Carla Rae Jackson at March 10, 2004 08:05 PM
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