March 10, 2004

Vagina Is Not a Dirty Word 2

They tread around campus displaying shirts that read, “Vagina is not a dirty word”, as a means of publicity. Onlookers stopped to question what this statement truly meant. If one asked Rose Marotta what the relevancy of the vibrantly red T-Shirt with the vagina across the chest was suppose to mean she would say “it symbolizes women. It shows that [a vagina] is a precious part of women’s body and it all should be respected.”
The first show of its kind took place at SHU on Tuesday March 2 at 8:00 pm at Reeves theatre with the student directed V-Day Production of The Vagina Monologues. Despite all the controversy surrounding the show and its content, SHU students in the Production of still plan on making a statement about feminism and how it is view by society.
This production was featured on Broadway some years back and it was deemed both “extraordinary” and “controversial”. Comments from some of the review released after seeing the show were included that of Sharon Lerner from who called the show was] a vision…a movement…and a spirit.”
As Controversial as it was on Broadway was as controversial as it was at Seton Hill, solely because such an explicit production was to be done at a Catholic College. Catholic Conservatist groups such as the Cardinal Newman Society have spoken out on the content of the play and pleaded for it not to be a part of Catholic Colleges Theatre Performances. Yet in still, The Vagina Monologues was presented at Seton Hill University sponsored by The Seton Hill Chapter of Amnesty International.
“ The cast was not hard to work with. There were times when some of us felt a bit uncomfortable with using certain words and performing certain actions but it all cam together in the end,” says Rachel Young, who was contributing actress to the production.
The production’s all female cast included Diane Hammerle, Shannnon Gerstel, Beth Marangoni, and Allison Whitcomb just to name a few. Some of the marked performances included Rose Marotta who did “The Little Coochie Snorcher Who Could”, Nathalia Cruz who preformed “Because He Liked The Way It Looked” and Kristen Secrist, who was the director of the show and performed “The Flood”. “The show was a complete success. Most of the feedback was positive and this is a production that we hope to carry on for many years to come,” stated Secrist.
Aside from the monologues that were done, the production also included an opening performance from the ABC Talent Show Dancers, led by Angella Davis and a special V-Day awards ceremony where Mrs. Rebecca Campbell was announced to be the Vagina Warrior recipient.

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