April 15, 2004

Im Ego Trippin all Alone

For me acting is believing and believing is knowing. It has always been that way for me. I used this thought tonight when I did my poems for the Grand Poetry in Amer Lit. As I expected I got an A. not to toot my own horn but I know that I was one of the best ones in the class. My talent spoke for itself.
I think I did well because this was a night in which I actually wasnt dreading going to a 2 and a half hour class. We were doing something that caught my eye and would keep me awake. Everyone did very well and some were better than others.

I did Nikki Giovanni's Ego Trippin and Maya Angelou's Alone. I did both poems their justice. I had done Angelou's poems before and for that reason it was easy for me to realte to. I had actually heard a version of alone on a very popular 1990's movie called Poetic Justice starring Janet JAckson and so the version she delivered helped to aide me in my performance.
DOnt ask me why but there is something about black women authors that rouse emotions in me. It makes me feel proud etc. I had heard poetry done by nikki Giovanni before. I was particularly fond of my house, but ego trippin was by far one of her best works.

I really enjoyed doing these pieces and I enjoyed this exercise very much. There should be mre like it in this class. It got me excited and even more revcved up because next in American Lit Week and there is going to be poetry performance all over the place. So maybe I can continue on until Im all poetried out!

Posted by Carla Rae Jackson at April 15, 2004 08:17 PM

You did do them justice plus more... can't wait till open mic night!;-)

Posted by: Chelsie Betz at April 18, 2004 10:33 PM

this is julian howard and im am 12 years old and i live in cincinnati ohio. i was wondering if i could get an online interview with nikki giovanni for a report for my school

Posted by: julian at April 10, 2005 09:55 PM
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