April 17, 2004

Blogging: Ye or Ney?

I have to admit that blogging has proved to be a excellent experience for me and although I didnt do it as often as I should have or as often as others there are still things that I learned that help me to better myself with communications and writing.

For me blogging served as an outlet in which I could share my thoughts and ideas with an academic community and get feedback. And although I wasnt always fond of some of the feedback I recieved I still just took it as a learning experience.

My blog also served as a type of journal for me. I found that at times when I was feeling frustrated I could actually express my feelings (Im not saying that all of those entries we pulblished) and it helped me to feel a little bit better.

One thing that I found to be a bother about the whole blogging idea was the fact that I felt as though I had to practically beg people to come to my blog and read my entries. I wrote about some good stuff that alot of people never got to see, things that could have sparked debates or just plain old converstation, and that frustrated me a little.

But other than that like I said blogging has proven to be an amazing academic experience in my eyes. It was definitley a good idea to make it a part of New Media Journalism and it is smart to keep it as a part of the curriculam in the future.

Posted by Carla Rae Jackson at April 17, 2004 11:51 AM

Carla Rae, I hope you'll keep using the NMJ site in order to publicize the many events you're involved in... I'm puzzled as to how to encourage more commenting by students. I can always say a blog entry is required, and people are much more likely to write it. But if I start saying that commenting on peer blogs is required, well then comments wouldn't be the pleasant, valuable surprise that they are now. By that, I mean that if I forced you to comment on each other's blogs, then each comment would no longer be a "gift".

Would you still enjoy receiving comments, even if you know that I was forcing your peers to comment? Just wondering.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at April 17, 2004 10:40 PM
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