April 21, 2004

That May Be True But..

While I think that the formula that Meghan made up for Blanche is good I still think that the equation should be altered a little bit. The equation that Meghan made was Death+Deceit=Blanche. There are many factors that point at why this equation is acurate. However I think that Deceit should be replaced by Denial. I sat this because of the way that Blanche's mind worked. Deceit in Meghan's equation stood for the Deciet that Blanche constantly laid upon people. It is apparent to the reader that Blanche was deceitful to everyone but the only problem is, she didnt see herself as doing anything wrong. Blanche didnt see herself as lying, being untruthful, or possibly hurting anyone in the story by the way she acted and furthermore, by the things that she told them.

In scene nine where Mitch confronts Blanche on numerous occassions her says that she has lied to him and hurt him. Blanche's reply to him is "Dont say I lied to you...I didnt lie in my heart (119)." And in a later scene where she is being confronted again by Stanley she says that she doesnt tell lies but instead "what ought to be the truth."

It is for these reasons that I think that Meghan's equations needs to be rewritten. Although the points of the orginal equationa are valid, it is obvious that deceit wasnt even a matter for Blanche therefore it wasnt a bother. Denial on the other hand was. So the new equation should be Death+Denial=Blanche.

Posted by Carla Rae Jackson at April 21, 2004 04:34 PM

Where is the EL-150 stuff. I want some egotistical poetry, mixed with a little nascar speed. I guess no one could read your "speed" poetry like you. Still, the cocky witful CarlaRae is missing from this blog.

I apologise for not commenting on this post, but it's not EL-150, and I am totally lost.
(insert apologetic grin)

Posted by: Puff at April 25, 2004 04:29 PM
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