January 22, 2004

Change comes whether you want it or not

Change is inevitable. We change whether we want to or not. WE change to fit in, we change to make other people happy or sometimes we change just fot he hell of it. In the story Bernice Bob's her hair it obvious to the reader that Bernice does in deed change. But to me this story shows how teen life today is a reinactment of how it has always been. Most teens want the chance to be popular and to be known. Bernice was a victim of this scenario.
To gain popularity Bernice had to do a couple things that were a bit over the top. I personally would never have anyway tell me that I need to walk talk and act a certain way but I guess that Bernice felt like that was the only way in which she would be able to be a part of the "in crowd".
I felt bad for Bernice because she did so much to chnge herself and in the end she did soemthing that would change her in a big way and she was seen as to extreme and she wasnt excepted because she stepped outside of the boundary box.
But that is the price that we pay sometimes to be popular. Sometimes we go to extremes. Like I said I would never change so much that I might lose my pride and I beleive that as you get older you learn to except urself for who you are. But that is one of those things that only time can help form.

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January 15, 2004

Life and Inanimate Object

I have come to find that everyone has an inanimate object that they associate thier lives to. For writers the inanimate object may a pencil and for actors it may be a stage, but it is different for everyone. In The Yellow Wallpaper the narrator was linked the wallpaper in her bedrooom that entrapped her and kept her hidden from the outside world.
I have have honestly never read this type of literature before and it was great to find that I not only liked it but understood the concept and the symbolism behind it. At first glance you would think that they narrator in the story was indeed sick and crazy but as you read further into you find that she is not sick but only a victim of her ownself. She allows other to let her believe that she is sick and that she needs to be confined to a house but when she breaks free to herself she finds replinishement in herself and in her ideas.
This was an enjoyable piece full of symbolism, and human emotion. I reccomend it to anyone who is interested in reading.

Within this blog I would like to thank julie for the presentation on blogging. It was informative and brought me back into the blogging mood. Thanks Julie.

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