February 10, 2004

When the Emotion is Deep the Desire is Poetry

Expressing how I feel is a quality that I admire greatly about myself. It helps me to be in touch with my inner truths. But in instances where I have an emotion that doesnt need to be verbally expressed, I turn to writing. Writing has become an outlet in which I can indirectly tell the world how I feel. In my writing the wordz flow, and through the flow poetry is developed.

Because the skill of creating poetry comes to me naturally I havent found myself having to many problems within the given assignment. However I beleive that hurdles that I am encountering come in a broader topic, meaning that the problems that I am having are typical in all of my public poetry writing. I have found that when I have to write for a public audience I seem to get so indepth and deep in my thoughts that I forget that I have an actually target. I forget that other people have to reader it and be able to grasp the concept that I am trying to deliver.

Because of the fact that my writing can sometimes be confusing I have been extremely careful in my arrangement and word choice in my poems. But still I do believe in a writer leaving some thoughts open for the imagination of the reader, but not to many, making the reader have to make up thier own ideas for what your topic is.

Aside from my brief struggle I think that there is alot to be gained from this activity. The biggest thing that everyone should be learning, is how to write in an expressionative form. Being able to write in an expressionative form is a good skill to have, because it can be used widely, beyond the perimeters of poetic writing. In any story an author needs to be able to develop a strong main character, one with given emotions, characteristic and traits. The best way to do this is to actually take on the role of the character and being able express how they feel is important. This assignment exercises that technique.

Viewing other poems, and portions of short stories that are going to be submitted for this assignment I can see that we are all learning different things from this experience. Through reading other poems I have seen theresome of my classmates have a different idea of poetry from others. I prefer a narrative piece, that rhymes in some but not all portions. Karrisa Kilgore chose to do a shorter piece and she linked her idea off of an older poem that was written by Emily Dickinson, for example. Still her piece was interesting and got all points across to the reader.

"The Wordz Flow", which is the title of my collection of poems, is sure to be an enticing piece. I promise to leave my audience wondering, feeling, and wanting more. Within the lines of The Wordz Flow one will be able to indulge themselves in the world of me and perhaps find a piece of themselves.

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February 5, 2004

Was The Great Gatsby Really Great?

The answer to this question no! N-O with a capital N!
I just got done reading the Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald and I have to say that that was one of the best books that I have ever ready. I has all of the elements that a good story should have which are, comedy, tragedya nd the element of surprise. It just further advocates that idea that readers and people in our world today feed off drama, controversy and other people's problems. I have discussed this book with alot of me peers and they have said to me that despite the fact that it was written back back back in the day and some of the grammar is bit unfamiliar that book was "the bomb," meaning good.

Having said that I want to go and say the reason that they book is the bomb is because of all of the contoversy that is surrounding the main character. Gatsby was mysterious, but yet in still GREAT. Nobody knew the truth about him but yet he was so GREAT. His whole life was hear say but still he was GREAT. Now my only question is why was the GREAT Gatsby GREAT!

My opinion is he wasnt. I say this for many reasons and anyone who has read this story should recognize. First of all I beleive that Gatsby wasnt great beyond normal day standards. He did things that norml people could do and be considered great. But he was also very dishonest in ways. First, how did he make it to the top? He was a bootlegger. There was nothing in the story that actually came out and said that but there was a lot of evidence that suggest it and so that is what I am sticking with. So he made it to the top under the table pretty much. Second he had family (which was never heard of) and he never made any reference to his living father who was one of the feew who came to his funeral in the end of the story. Third, it has became apparent to me that the only thing that made him interesting to the eye of the public was feasible anymore either because in the end nobody really came to his funeral. He was dishonest throughout the whole story, trying make Daisy cheat on her husband, using Nick to get what he wants and being apart of his whole bootlegging thing. Its horrible. I
In the eyes of me and in the eyes of majority of society Great doesnt say that you lie, or cheat. You do the right thing. I can agree that nobody is perfect but it does well to strive higher than a liar (Hey that rhymes)!
Anyway, like I said I know that many can agree Gatsby isnt as GREAT as the title that described him.

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February 3, 2004

All As A Black Woman

It seems to me that the world that we have come to be a part of
Serves as a box that intertwines our thoughts but doesnít preserve our culture.
My gender and race are the topics at hand,
Because ever since the beginning of time we have been a shunned issue by man.
But here and now Im going to set the record straight,
Because Im tired of the thought that because youíre a black woman you have a predestined fate.

Now you may look at me and say there is to much pep in my walk talk and sway,
But you seem to forget the fact that god has made me this way.
Oh and by the way my walk talk and sway are of reflection of me,
And I choose to carry myself that way. Cause in morning night and day
I deliver the words that make you think, the body language that makes you wink,
And the for sure Iíve worked out all the kinks,
Because I possess the aura that leaves others hot and hazy.
Cos Im a black woman, hear me roar baby.

Donít begin to think that because I am a woman I am weak,
Just a bit to meek to stand head to head, toe to toe with the head hauncho.
And oh stop again before you begin to analyze my skin.
Im black bright and beautiful, and donít you forget it.
Challengers back down, no trespassing, its forbidden.
Donít think because Im a double negative, something in me is going to give,
Cause you forgot to do your math, two negatives make a positive.
And donít think twice on the fact that I donít have a bulky physique,
Because all that donít mean nothing if your lacking knowledge, your mind is weak
Cos Iíll shake you out your shoes with talks of comradery and ladistical facts.
Iíll hit you will some factoras de una mujer negro, bet you didnít think I could do that.
But I can do it all, break the mold and cut the sands.
You question me and I answer yes, all as a black woman.

Intimidated? Donít be, Im just doing me.
Im just saying cos you might think that, I cant I aint going to let that get to me.
Cause you know that I know, through tribulations and trials,
I can carry all burdens, solve problems that flow longer than the Nile.
Cause Im strong minded, strong hearted, but most of all I am strong in soul.
Mind body and spirit, are three aspects that make me whole.
Because weíve been through it all, a mother, a sister, and a friend.
We have no boundaries, our actions will Never come to an end.
Cause we can do it all, lend a shoulder, or a helping hand.
You question me and I answer yes all as a black woman.

Now fellas I donít mean to dis but you need to be put in your place
And I willingly offer to do it, a black woman of this shared race.
Now we can be your bitches, your sluts, your whores or you hoes
But what value we possess, youíll never really know.
We carry your children and stand by your side
We suck it up and be strong, cause a strong black woman wont cry
Well mend and adjust and be the backbones of your lives.
As much as we need you, you need us.
Were your mothers, your sisters, and your wives.
Were there without argument however the pieces may land
And I know weve all heard the expression theres a good woman behind every good man.
WE love and adore you, endure you bullshit and your pain
WE hold on to your triflin asses while our hearts might break I vain
But yet in still, we have to skill that no other woman possess
When it comes down to it, a black woman will always pass the test.
With love honor and honesty, we prove that we can
You ask me and I answer yes, all as a black woman.

Can I carry on the burdens of life while holding on to my values and virtues?
Yes all as a black woman.

Can I be my creative expressionative, emacullent, brave and down right classy self?
Yes all as a black woman.

Can I endure exploitation because of my double negative composure but still except myself and the unjust stereotypes that are laid upon me?
Yes all as a black woman.

Can I work twice as hard for what I want because I have to, and wont stop until I get what I want? Yes all as a black woman.

Can I be the only woman on earth that makes the female gender looks so good?
Yes all as a black woman.

Tomorrow, can I be sitting in the Oval Office, running a country, a war, and my household all at the same time. Probably not.

But as a black woman I can try cos I have all of the qualifications,
Strong minded, strong willed, outgoing, creative, talented, and down right classy.

So maybe one day I can do all those things but for now Im gonna focus on me,
The best that I can be, with so much more in store.
Cause Im a black woman baby hear me roar.

*This poem is dedicated to the African American woman who represent us well. The ones that go above and beyond was expected. Thanks for reading

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Janet Jackson Exposed!

It is always the biggest portion of Superbowl besides the end when we find out who wins: The Superbowl Halftime Show. This year it was as big as it always it. There were mind blowing performance by P. Diddy, Justin Timberlake, Nelly, Kid Rock and of course the headliner, Janet Jackson.

Janet, (Mrs. Jackson if your nasty) has managed to do it again! Now not only is she now the queen of contoversy but she is on her way to be the queen of nudity. In the finale portion of a provocative rendition of "rock my world" with Justin Timberlake Jackson's right breast was exposed. It was a accident is what Timberlake claimed it to be, but the television staff of CBS found it far from a joke. Now, Timberlake is being sued for thousands of dollars. Families all over America had to endure this explicit scene and Timberlake and Jackson now have to pay for it. Not only that but CBS is also being sued for millions because of this catastrophe.

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