March 30, 2004

Death Be Not Proud

After having to write three poems on tragedy to submit to Eye contect think that I am beginning to like the tragedy genre, when it comes to mocking death and things like that. When it comes to analyzing Tragic and weary pieces like this one I ahve to admit that I do not have much experience. However I did like this piece very much.
Like I said, I like it when an author has a chance to mock deatha nd that is exactly what happened in this piece. The author told death "look, I know your around and I know you are capturing your victims, but dont be to proud of yourself because the very thing that is making you so proud will soon come to an end."
To me the author says I know that you possess alot of qualities that make you powerful but even as you kill people off one day you will die too. He mocks death and says what goes around comes around so dont be so proud of yourself just yet.

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March 17, 2004

I Can See It. Can you?

In my opinion Tennesee Williams made it so that the symbolism within "A StreetCar Named Desire" would be apparent. It isnt hard for the reader to point out the meaning of some of the colors, objects and quotes meanings throught and it my opinion that is what makes the story and is also mostly what it is comprised of.
Like I said before, the symbolism in A StreetCar named desire can be broken down easily. Not suprisingly, most of the subjects in these parts can be directly related to Blanche.
Beginning in the first couple pages in the book we see Phallic Symbols. First when Stanley throws the piece of meat up at Stella and she meerly laughs at it. The meat is suppose to represent "her sexual infatuation for him." And it shows the hold that Stanley has on Stella as far and the sexual aspect of their marriage goes because we see later on, after Stanley hits Stella that she takes one look at him and runs right back into his arms.
Some other Phallic symbols that stands more for power, more than anything are, bowling, the poker games, where usually alot of babaric type of tendencies are apparent and there is also usually a large amount of drinking. These are symbols of the dominace of the male person. In one scene Blanche asks if she could play poker and Stanley was extremely quit to tell her no. This represented how a woman might evade on a man's dominance. Stanley became threatened by this. It was the same scenario when Stella asked about going bowling with Stanley. Stella automatically knows to ask to come and watch and not to ask to play.
Alot of symbolism presents itself within the first couple pages of the story. When Blanche is looking for the house she says "They told me to take a StreetCar Named Desire and then transfer to one called Cememteries
and ride six blocks and get off at Elysian Fields(p 15) ." The journey that Blance takes to arrive at Stella's house represents her journey to her new starting point. Wanting to leave the past behind Blanche ventures out and goes through the obstacles it takes to begin over. Belle Reve, the home that she had known all of her life but lost, means, Beautiful Dream. A reader could take her journey a number of different ways. One could say that Blanche was forced to leave Belle Reeve, which was her beautiful dream take a streetcar that represented her desire to want a new life and the only one could do that is to die (Streetcar named Cemeteries) and be reborn again. Or one could say that it means that Blanche wanted desire so much (Streetcar) , she wanted it so much that it killed her (Cemeteries) inside, and left in a sort of world of nothingness (Elysian Fields).
There were a couple of symbols that needed little to know explaination because thet were so apparent. For example the lighting. The lamp shade that Blance brought to cover the naket light bulb was representative her covering herself. Any and lights within the play meant truth and reality, which is something that Blanch shunned and didnt long for.
The Varsouvania Music, that played in Blanche' head, along with the gunshot that finished it off, was obviously representative of Blanche young husband who died of a self inflicted gunshit wound. That music always seemed to play when any talk of past or a relationship was talked about.
The constant bathing, the reader later learns, it is due to Blanche wanting to be cleansed of her past, meaning all the men who she had had sexual encounters with. Readers notice that Blanche constant bathes and she tells Stella it is to calm her nerves. Bathing give Blanche not only a cleansed feeling but also a reknowned since of self. In one scene she says "....all freshly bathed and scented, feeling like a brand new human being."
The symbols in this book helped alot in determining the background of each character, but the dialect spoke louder than any one of the symbolic pieces. Blanche is usually the one who is extremely transparent through what she says. For example in the scene with Mitch and Stella she says, "I dont want realism, I want magic. I dont tell tht truth, I tell what ought to be the truth." This quote shows readers the reasoning behind all of her sugar coating (besides the fact that she is mentally unstable).
Another important quote that speaks volumes is "My birthday is next month, the fifteenth of Sept, thats under Virgo. Virgo is the Virgin." For anyone who has read the book this quote is very self explanatory. This quotes implies that Blanche is trying to make herself look and seem like a virgin. She says so in this quote and does so in her actions. Throughout the story she is desribed as wearing many white and pastel colors. White represents purity, which is something that Blanche longed to be but couldnt anymore.
Throught out A Streetcar Named Desire we find many symbols that challenge us to think. I am glad they are there because in my opinion the book who have been plain and dry without them.

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March 10, 2004

Vagina Is Not a Dirty Word 2

They tread around campus displaying shirts that read, “Vagina is not a dirty word”, as a means of publicity. Onlookers stopped to question what this statement truly meant. If one asked Rose Marotta what the relevancy of the vibrantly red T-Shirt with the vagina across the chest was suppose to mean she would say “it symbolizes women. It shows that [a vagina] is a precious part of women’s body and it all should be respected.”
The first show of its kind took place at SHU on Tuesday March 2 at 8:00 pm at Reeves theatre with the student directed V-Day Production of The Vagina Monologues. Despite all the controversy surrounding the show and its content, SHU students in the Production of still plan on making a statement about feminism and how it is view by society.
This production was featured on Broadway some years back and it was deemed both “extraordinary” and “controversial”. Comments from some of the review released after seeing the show were included that of Sharon Lerner from who called the show was] a vision…a movement…and a spirit.”
As Controversial as it was on Broadway was as controversial as it was at Seton Hill, solely because such an explicit production was to be done at a Catholic College. Catholic Conservatist groups such as the Cardinal Newman Society have spoken out on the content of the play and pleaded for it not to be a part of Catholic Colleges Theatre Performances. Yet in still, The Vagina Monologues was presented at Seton Hill University sponsored by The Seton Hill Chapter of Amnesty International.
“ The cast was not hard to work with. There were times when some of us felt a bit uncomfortable with using certain words and performing certain actions but it all cam together in the end,” says Rachel Young, who was contributing actress to the production.
The production’s all female cast included Diane Hammerle, Shannnon Gerstel, Beth Marangoni, and Allison Whitcomb just to name a few. Some of the marked performances included Rose Marotta who did “The Little Coochie Snorcher Who Could”, Nathalia Cruz who preformed “Because He Liked The Way It Looked” and Kristen Secrist, who was the director of the show and performed “The Flood”. “The show was a complete success. Most of the feedback was positive and this is a production that we hope to carry on for many years to come,” stated Secrist.
Aside from the monologues that were done, the production also included an opening performance from the ABC Talent Show Dancers, led by Angella Davis and a special V-Day awards ceremony where Mrs. Rebecca Campbell was announced to be the Vagina Warrior recipient.

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Overall I think that this was an interesting piece. Although there was not a narrator to explain exactly what going on I think that the piece spoke loudly about how certain incidences in a woman's life can alter her judgement and lead her to do some "crazy" things.
I must admit that some of the repitition within the story kinda bothered me and some of the dialect from that era in time bothered me too. Other than that I thought the concept was a good one and also thought that Sophie Treadwell did a good job in delivering the message that was suppose to be sent about this true story.
When we talked about this story in class Prof Jerz posed the question was the youngs woman murdering her hisband justified? I said no, it would only be justified if there were a flock of women going around killing thier husbands, and it probably wouldnt even have been justified then. The way that the young lady was being treated was normal for the time period that she lived in. Although it seemed, in the end like the episodes that were displayed in the book were suppose to provide some type of reason for her killing her husband the really didnt for that exact reason. Women endured the type of exploitations the young woman did all the time.

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March 4, 2004

Vagina Is Not a Dirty Word!!

Or is it? I recently went to the Seton Hill Production of the Vagina Monologues. The only way I can describe it would be to say that it was "an experience". I was already familiar with the context of the show having read the book so certain points of the production didnt surprise me at all.
However, I was a bit dissatisfied about the theatrical aspect of the show. I would have thought, that for a show that was deemed too controversial and had to be fought for to be performed, it might hae been little but better.
Dont get me wrong, the show was a good, but it was noticeable that it was an amatuer show. But still, for the first time it was a good show.
Because this a production that hopes to be carried on for years to come all the glitches that were displayed in this show are definitely things that could be worked on and fixed.

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Rayn On Me (An Excerpt)



I walked all night along the highway. I tried to hitch a couple of rides. I guess it scared people to see a pregnant woman walking along the side of the road. They must think that I am crazy. But I don’t care. I know what I have to do.
As I tread slowly along the dampened soil of the road I thought about T.J. I wondered what he would say when he saw me. Hopefully he would just take me in his arms and make love to me like we used to in the darkened gazebos on warm spring nights in MacArthur Park.
Not seeing T.J. for 3 months was eating me up inside. For the past year and a half I hadn’t gone one day with out seeing the love of my life. But that all ended abruptly a couple of months ago when my parents put me in the home.

It hurt me inside to think that my parents didn’t think I was capable of taking care of a child. “You cant even take care of yourself,” my mother would say and those conversations would usually end with me storming out the front door of our house and not returning until three days later.
Despite what my mother might think, I know that I am fully capable of taking care this baby. T.J. and I will give it all the love we bare and we will finally have a real family. That’s what I want more than anything. I purposely got pregnant by T.J. for this reason, so that we can have a piece of each other and be bonded together forever, a real family.
“Go away for awhile and think about what you’re going through. I know a good establishment for younger woman like yourself,” my father told me, “and when this is all over you can came home and well figure out what is next.” I loved and admired my father dearly and the only reason I decided to join the home was to make him happy. T.J. reminded me of him so much, tall dark and handsome, strong minded, strong willed, and strong hearted. T.J. is all the things that I want my child to be and I know that he is going to make a terrific father.
I have to reach him. We need to be together. I don’t want to go through this pregnancy alone. I need his support and his love right about now because I’m scared and I know that the child living inside of me is scared too.

*This is an excerpt from a short story I wrote. As the story goes on it gets very interesting. Its full of twist ad turns and has an ending you wont ever beleive!

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Oh, thats so tragic!

“I’m Dodging You, Death”

By Carla Rae Jackson

I’m dodging you death
And you just can catch me
I can run, I can hide
While you send your black demons to fetch me

Dodging bullets, dodging pain
Holding on to the mortal chain
Dodging fathom, dodging plague
Not letting you make my days look vague

Aha you missed me,
Come on try again
Hit me with your death sentence,
You missed and you can’t win

You’ve taken so many away from me
I promise I won’t be next
I wont have people looking in my casket
Saying “I knew her life was vexed”

Right, left, up and down
You await the day you can see me in the ground
With a tombstone hanging over my head
Resting eternally in my wormy bed

But like I said you can’t catch me
I’m way to fast
One, Two.... Fast...Move....OH!
You got me. Its time to stop running at last.

“Crusted Over Sweetly”

By Carla Rae Jackson

Take sword and butcher’s knife and this is what well do
Make a special treat Crusted over sweetly just for you.

Take two cups of depression, one cup of mentally insane
Then what comes from that? A gory body, brutally slain.

Now off to the kitchen, here comes the fun part
Severe the body limb to limb, but be sure to set aside the kidneys and heart

Do away with the hair; don’t want to choke on that
Then throw away the belly. Wouldn’t want to gain any extra body fat!

Now boil the arms and legs, until the skin hangs off just right
Now chop them up into little pieces, it looks so good, what a sight.

Mix it all up in a large bowl, with a little yeast, and two cups of sugar brown
Roll it into a ball. Come on, make it nice and round

Then pinched it into a pie mold, and set the oven too
Add the kidneys and heart to the middle, put it in, now you can rest til its through

When it’s done pull off a single finger, to give it a decorative touch
Spread, blood all over the top, but careful, not too much!

No its done and ready, “Lets eat!” you say with glee
Pickup the fork. Your fingers are missing.
“OH NO! I made pie a’ la me!”

My Valentines Day Surprise

By Carla Rae Jackson

Every Valentines Day my husband gets me the greatest gifts and I just “die!”
But this year he overdid himself. He gave me the Ultimate Valentines Day Surprise

“I have something for you honey. The mailman delivered it today.
So hurry home I want to give to you. Come quick with no delay.”

I was so excited when I hung up the phone because of this special gift
So I told my boss I had to go, and early I ended my shift.

I drove through town like a maniac, convinced I was about to be proud
The clouds overhead closed in, and crows perched on my roof, in a crowd.

I got to my house and went in. I said “honey I’m finally here.”
But he was nowhere to be found; all I saw were millions of empty cans of beer.

On the coffee table there sat roses and a letter addressed to me
Maybe my gift is inside, I thought. I snatched the envelope with glee

It said “Dear Honey, I know you’ve been doing me wrong
You broke our wedding vows, but the game is over, you’ve done it far to long.

I trembled at the letter because I knew what this was about
My husband found out about the mailman. I know that’s it. I have no doubt.

I tried to gather my composure. I walked up the steps thinking of what to say
But nothing at all came to me. How could my Valentine be this way?

When I walked through the bedroom door I got my husband’s great surprise.
Pow! A 54-millimeter shotgun, right between the eyes.

So I spent my Valentines Days in a body bag, tags on my toe and my hand
And all because of a fling. “Go to hell you cursed mailman.”

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This Language Sucketh!

I am sorry for not being prepared
But to me the assignment was unclear
On the syllabus I beleive it said
That by Thursday the assignment was to be read
Confusion stormed through my head
But get through it I tried cause you said
I planned to be done with it by next class
But I need it now, so Im the ass!
Before this class I had read only half
So now Im unprepared and I'll just laugh
Please Dr. Jerz, just see it in your heart
Delay the quiz, my grade wont fall apart
I'll read the book , be prepared and steady
Wait till Thursday, I promise I'll be ready

This blog entry was in regards to a quiz on "As You Like it"

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