April 27, 2004

Wit: Do you have it?

I actually found this piece quit interesting. What I got from it was that, there was woman who was dying but had already accomplished to much that really all she could do now is bask in her sucess. In every situation that she seemed to be a part of she had the oppurtunity to talk about her talents and what she had accomplished. How it all of it came to be were the most interesting parts of the story because it seemed to me that at times she only became sdo reknowned by acident. For example, the time the teacher told her to rewrite her paper. After redoing it it was published and recieved acclaim.

At times her side thoughts confused me and it was hard to keep up with but when I analyzed it for myself I noticed that whenever she was zoning off 9into space that it was, it was usually in poet form or she was just reciting in her head. this made me come to the realization that even though she was dying it was her work and accomplishment that was keeping her alive.
I must admit that in the beginningg I thought that this was going to be a story about a sick old lady who just liked to blab on about nothing but in the end I realized it was really a story about hope redemption and finding a part of yourself that is worth holding on to.

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April 26, 2004

Writing Writing and More Writing

When scheduling for my classes my senoir year in Highschool I remember thinking that my schedule was not going to be too much for me to handle. In fact I was sure that I was going to get through each class with flying colors. My skill was suppose to get me through it. But I never thought it would be so much work that I would be overwhelmed. Since I didnt take anything other than classes for my major this semester I didnt have the luxury of knowing how stressful it could be to juggle lots of different classes.

My English major hasnt really effect any of my classes because they all kind of coincide. Instead all the school work that I endure from my major is cutting in on my social life.

However, it has been alot of writing and that has required alot of thinking and effort on my part. I never thought that my writing would take so much effort but it has. Having an English major that has required so much writing has enhanced my writing but it takes alot more effort and because of that I dont think that I want to pursue writing full time.

So in response to how has an English major effected my other classes, it hasnt. Instead it has made me think about my work schedule next semester, in terms of how I want it to run and how an English major might effect me later. All that writing I am afraid might come to ahead and when it does the question to myself is will I be albe to handle it? As of right now I am not to sure

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Bernice? A Flapper? Pleaseee

I am doing my research paper on how Bernice, the main character of Bernice Bobs Her hair turned into a Flapper.

To be quite honest I wasnt even aware of what of a flapper was until I did some research on Fitzgeralds short story. By doing this research I found out that the short story Bernice Bobs her hair actually came from a collection of short stories entitled "Flappers and Philosophy". The title of this book is what inspired me to do the topic of my paper.

After long and drawn research I found out what a flapper was and after identifying what it was and its pattern of behavior I found it very easy to apply to the behavior of Bernice. However I didnt find it quite as easy to information that would be considered valid enough for my paper. But somehow I made it work.

I have to say, that I was quite proud of the finishing product of my paper. When it came down to it I found that I was writing about something that I actually found interest in and it didnt feel as much like forced writing as it actually was.

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April 21, 2004

That May Be True But..

While I think that the formula that Meghan made up for Blanche is good I still think that the equation should be altered a little bit. The equation that Meghan made was Death+Deceit=Blanche. There are many factors that point at why this equation is acurate. However I think that Deceit should be replaced by Denial. I sat this because of the way that Blanche's mind worked. Deceit in Meghan's equation stood for the Deciet that Blanche constantly laid upon people. It is apparent to the reader that Blanche was deceitful to everyone but the only problem is, she didnt see herself as doing anything wrong. Blanche didnt see herself as lying, being untruthful, or possibly hurting anyone in the story by the way she acted and furthermore, by the things that she told them.

In scene nine where Mitch confronts Blanche on numerous occassions her says that she has lied to him and hurt him. Blanche's reply to him is "Dont say I lied to you...I didnt lie in my heart (119)." And in a later scene where she is being confronted again by Stanley she says that she doesnt tell lies but instead "what ought to be the truth."

It is for these reasons that I think that Meghan's equations needs to be rewritten. Although the points of the orginal equationa are valid, it is obvious that deceit wasnt even a matter for Blanche therefore it wasnt a bother. Denial on the other hand was. So the new equation should be Death+Denial=Blanche.

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We Have A Winner!

They agree, and so so I. While giving our presentations on a Streetcar Named Desire alot of people did different subjects and on some occassions students referred back to other people's presentations. The one that I found to be most comparative though were Amanda Hoffer's and Melissa Whiteman. They both beleived that Blanche's behavior was because she had a disorder that caused her to act the way that she did. Melissa believed that Blanche suffered from schitzophrenia and in her presentation she referred back to Amanda's presentation where she stated that Blanche suffered from Post Traumatic Stress. In their richly linked blogs they both gave information on the conditions and how they related to Blanche. Both of them had very good presentations, both of which had valid points.

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April 17, 2004

Blogging: Ye or Ney?

I have to admit that blogging has proved to be a excellent experience for me and although I didnt do it as often as I should have or as often as others there are still things that I learned that help me to better myself with communications and writing.

For me blogging served as an outlet in which I could share my thoughts and ideas with an academic community and get feedback. And although I wasnt always fond of some of the feedback I recieved I still just took it as a learning experience.

My blog also served as a type of journal for me. I found that at times when I was feeling frustrated I could actually express my feelings (Im not saying that all of those entries we pulblished) and it helped me to feel a little bit better.

One thing that I found to be a bother about the whole blogging idea was the fact that I felt as though I had to practically beg people to come to my blog and read my entries. I wrote about some good stuff that alot of people never got to see, things that could have sparked debates or just plain old converstation, and that frustrated me a little.

But other than that like I said blogging has proven to be an amazing academic experience in my eyes. It was definitley a good idea to make it a part of New Media Journalism and it is smart to keep it as a part of the curriculam in the future.

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April 15, 2004

Im Ego Trippin all Alone

For me acting is believing and believing is knowing. It has always been that way for me. I used this thought tonight when I did my poems for the Grand Poetry in Amer Lit. As I expected I got an A. not to toot my own horn but I know that I was one of the best ones in the class. My talent spoke for itself.
I think I did well because this was a night in which I actually wasnt dreading going to a 2 and a half hour class. We were doing something that caught my eye and would keep me awake. Everyone did very well and some were better than others.

I did Nikki Giovanni's Ego Trippin and Maya Angelou's Alone. I did both poems their justice. I had done Angelou's poems before and for that reason it was easy for me to realte to. I had actually heard a version of alone on a very popular 1990's movie called Poetic Justice starring Janet JAckson and so the version she delivered helped to aide me in my performance.
DOnt ask me why but there is something about black women authors that rouse emotions in me. It makes me feel proud etc. I had heard poetry done by nikki Giovanni before. I was particularly fond of my house, but ego trippin was by far one of her best works.

I really enjoyed doing these pieces and I enjoyed this exercise very much. There should be mre like it in this class. It got me excited and even more revcved up because next in American Lit Week and there is going to be poetry performance all over the place. So maybe I can continue on until Im all poetried out!

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April 01, 2004

Man, I need a Vacation

Im kinda hurt right now. So rather than treat this like a blog entry I am going to treat it more like a personal journal.
My assignment is to write about my next essay and how Im going to about it and get a better grade. But all the work that I am doing right now and all the things I have on my plate are stressing me out so Im just going to vent right now, feel free to listen.
I just got a C on a paper in my Amer Lit class and I am very sour about out it. I feel as though at times my writing technique and ability to write a paper with an acceptable argument has gone right out the window.

Oh well all I can do right now is suck it up.
I'll report back after the break.

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