Epic Fail

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I read them all, I figured there'd be at least one that I could blog about. Now I'm not so sure. Plath seems to be way over my head. In my failure though, I did however, identify a pattern.

Plath seems to start her poems in a way that directly relates to her title. Her first few lines or even the entire first stanza seems to be quite simple and easy to understand. It makes sense within the context that the title has given you. After that? The metaphors begin. This is where I often got lost. She breaks from lines that directly relate to the title and instead indirectly alludes to the message presented in the title. This made it much more difficult for me to follow because of her syntax. Her lines often move quickly and with a sense of urgency, making the reader need to analyze the meaning in rapid fire mode. Though not impossible, Plath is certainly more frustrating than the other authors we've been covering this week.



Annamarie Houston said:

I totally understand what you mean when you say "over your head." I had no idea which one to pick until I pretty much rock paper scissored it. But I totally agree with you about the pattern also.

Angela Saffer said:

I agree with you completely. as I picked the poem that was suggested to watch out for, I had trouble following it and only understood parts of it.

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Angela Saffer on Epic Fail: I agree with you completely. a
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