Too Many Ideas

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"He says that Russians have always had more ideas than any other people in history and ended in the pit. The Americans have no ideas and they have one success after another. "


I'm not sure what to make of this quote yet. I think it's extraordinarily funny the way it's been simplified. People have complained about philosophy since it's been a profession. What's the point in sitting around pondering the meaning of life? What good does it bring us?

That said, I don't actually believe this. I'm a huge fan of philosophy and I think it feeds the mind. But as always, everything needs to come in moderation. I think that for someone who is suicidal, it's the perfect advice not to have thoughts. If you really study philosophy, it can get quite depressing. You'll never find a real answer and you constantly find out how crappy the world can be and how short life if. Too many thoughts easily lead to the "what's the point" approach to life.




April Minerd said:

I like that you chose this quote from the play. I don't know much about Russia, but I can understand why he would suggest Americans have no ideas. I think it feeds off the theme of greed and no inner consideration for life. I just finished Intro to Philosophy, and at the beginning of the course I thought it was all pretty pointless, but more and more I realized how important the ability to really "think" for ourselves is. I would definitely agree too much thinking can be a curse.

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