Well Well, so that's what you think huh?

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There is always two sides to everything, and anything can be contradicted. This book, 'It Ain't Necessarily So', isn't bad and I don't hate it or think that all journalism is wrong, but I think it's helpful because it doesn't sugar coat anything. It tells the mistakes which everything has and some good points, but it's for future journalistic reference so we don't repeat the same mistakes again.

Chapter 5 says how there are two sides to everything, such as minority application rejection being twice as high may be right, but so it is approved eight-nights as often too. They are both right, it's just which you decide to write about, or what gets written about more often. For as much as I’ve seen, the news usually writes about negatives first, like smoking, and what foods are bad for you before they tell you good scientific research they're doing to solve illnesses.

Chapter 6:

Do you like how the school curriculum is these days? "Yes I do" Do you like the way the school curriculum is these days? "No, I don't" but you just said you did......

Yes, sometimes we can't make up our minds. That’s why I don't think poll are very effective. Poll results can be affected by too many a number of things like area, community values, ect. If you take a poll you should have to travel around the Us to get all different kinds of opinions from different people, but if our poll depends on something in your area, the results should be valid. But that doesn't mean people can't change their minds whenever they feel like it....


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ChrisU said:

You really might want to consider changing the text color for the body of your entries. Whatever color it is now, it makes it nearly impossible to read without highlighting it first, which is kind of a nuisance.

ChrisU said:

Actually, nevermind, it seems to be only this entry that is having the problem. Strange. Maybe try resaving the entry and then republishing your site.

Maddie Gillespie said:

You make a good point when talking about polls. Add the fact that people often enough can't make up thier minds, and you've got a whole jumble of inconcistencies! You're also right about there being two sides to everything. I wrote something similar in my blog.

Corey Struss said:

There really are two sides to every poll. It just depends on who is giving the data. Someone mentioned an example of how if the Pepsi Company issued a piece of data that said Coca-Cola is bad for your health. Sure, it might be true. . . but it's coming from a leading competitor in the beverage industry. They are biased, and there is a conflict of interest. The data should be thrown out the window.

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