The End

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So, in conclusion to our IANS readings, we learn what happens to the public when our news stories are published, that it is very difficult to be accurate with scientific findings, statistics are bad, we shouldn't cast a play where politicians are villiains, not everything about news writing is insanly hard (just most of it), and  lastly, how the media remake our picture of reality. Well, we're done kids, So lets get on with our news stories. What? your afraid of news writing now? Well, just follow everything the book warned you about and you should do fine....

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Corey Struss said:

Yeah. I feel the same way on this one. I feel like we've read all this before, and that IANS has drilled it into our heads. I am actually scared to write my next story, for fear that they will come attack me if I use a stat or data incorrectly. OHNOES.

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