Wait! I take it back!

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"Reading quotes back has to be handled carefully; while a worthwhile practice for fairness and accuracy, it can result in sources trying to improve quotes by doctoring them. If the quote is to be changed, it should be a fresh statement of the person's  opinion, not a cosmetic altering to make a person look better."

In Best Practices, It explains how some people like to take their quotes back after realizing it might hurt them or a company that could cause them to be fired. This is just like asking to fix mistakes that the paper prints and should not be a problem if they don't want their quote in the paper anymore. But this doen't mean you should just change it to make them look better. Pete Carey says, "If i'm quoting someone, I want them to pick up th paper in the morning and say, "yeah, that is exactly how I feel about it."" This means you need to be carefull what quotes you put in a paper, not just any will do. You need to make sure that the quote will not bias anything and will not insult the person being quoted(even if that is what they said)

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