You don't have to speak to have a voice

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In America's Best Newspaper Writing Regarding the Language of Journalism has a voice:

In Fact, hearing is what most journalists do and voice is described as an illusion in writing. You have a voice when you write, especially for journalists who sometimes write on big issues to the public. It's not like speech, but closer to speech than most other types of writing. "When eyewitnesses, especially everyday people are given their voices in print, the effect can be powerful, moving, puzzling, funny, or outrageous."

Quotes can enhance the drama or sharpen a point and not just quotes, but good journalism's voice can be powerful just in the way the details and the words are arranged.  

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Jeremy Barrick said:

I do agree with that Carrie. Journalists paint a picture with words, essentially we are artists. We create a craft for the public to view and comment on.

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