"Covering crime and its victims requires perspective, persistence and patience."

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The Chapter 5 reading was very informitive. I always saw reporters as the pushy kind of people that did whatever they needed/had to do to get a story. The first couple pages of this chapter showed that they need to show more consideration when it comes to dealing with victims. Though I feel that I, personally, would use this kind of consideration when reporting on a crime, I thought the entire text was on target, and didn't see how someone could not use that kind of judgement when dealing with victims, or a victims family. But I guess some reporters sometimes have to be reminded about the fact that, though they are reporting about current news and need to get the story out, there is a life that has been hurt involved, and they have to be sensitive to that life.


The only part of the text that alarmed me was the part about the rape victims. I didn't think that rape was such an underminded case. I know that it would be hard to report such an attack, and most victims of this kind of crime would not want their names published, but I cannot believe what "most people" seem to feel about the victims.

Found on that page...

  • Rape is different from other crimes. Society often blames the victims. Studies show rape victims suffer from the stigma of being "damaged" by the experience.
  • Rape victims are less likely to report the crime if they know their names will be published or broadcast. Rape is already the most underreported violent crime in the country.
  • Because rape victims are treated with such insensitivity by society, they deserve a level of privacy not afforded other crime victims.

    Why would society blame the victims? How is it their fault? I know that in some cases people can lead onto sex, and then realise that they don't want it at the last minute, but it is still too late, and this is considered rape, but to others it is just considered sex, but in any other case, how can someone blame a vicitm? I think society as a whole has put a lesser meaning on what sex is "supposed to be about" and because of that rape has become not such a big deal, and therefore in some cases, to some people, the victim is the one to blame.


    (But I think that's complete crap. The end.)



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    Jeremy Barrick said:

    Don't you know by now, society always needs someone to blame. It's the American way. Blame the innocent and put the bad guys on a pedastool.

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