I like making lists.

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1) I'm going to start reading from the end of the assigned reading to the beginning from now on. I have ADD and this throwing math (my least favorite thing) into my readings is not my cup of pumkin spice coffee (now served in Lowe Dinning Hall.)

2) I'm going to read this way because I was lost until the very last section of Chapter 6. Statistics and percents and numbers in general ARE NOT my friends.

3) I do however like how this book is written. The style makes me happy.

4) Basically the major components I got from these two chapters are as follows.

  • Data can always be read in two ways.
  • Page 88 has the most of my orange high-lighter on it.
  • "...it's a good idea to be skeptical of a news story that cites only percentages, or only raw numbers; stories that cite both are more likely to enable you to realize whether the glass is half empty or half full." -Page 90
  • Even bad news can have a good side.
  • "...the best reporting should probably alert readers to both of the comparisions, to enable them to make the judgment themselves." -Page 93
  • Answers depend greatly on how the question is asked.
  • If you ask a question stupidly, you can get a misleading answer.
  • Don't trust a poll's answer unless you could see the poll's question.
  • Usual source of error = the wording of the question.
  • Double negitives are double trouble.
  • "...it makes a big difference if you ask elliptically or directly about a sensitive matter." -Page 110


 5) Personally, I think the glass is half full.


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Carrie Kraszewski said:

Interesting blog entry:) I agree that everything has two sides with data and life as I say in my blog entry. I don't think the glass is half full or half empty I just think it's got nothing in it yet;)And that's a good quote, I think we as journalists should always remember it.

Michelle Polly said:

I think Chelsea found a lot of important and interesting facts. Just from reading hers I learned a lot more than I did just from reading the chapters. She had an interesting insite and it actually helped me a lot!!!!!!!! I like that she listed a lot of facts, ad it also helped out because she put the page numbers so I know exactly where to go to find out more if I wanted to!!!!!!!!!!

Maddie Gillespie said:

I like how you simply ordered everything in a bulleted list. It really makes things easier to see. I know that when I was reading through these two chapters that I tried to make similar lists, so this one is really helpful!

JaraWhite said:

I really enjoyed reading your blog, and I don't just tell that to anyone lol. But seriosly, I agree that polls, percentages, surveys, and just numbers in general have to be viewed from both sides or from however many sides their are. I never thought to question the question being asked people, and luckily enough I haven't had to use stats in my writing; otherwised I'd be screwed right now.

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