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December 3, 2007

I'm jealous of Vanessa. (Last EL227 Blog Portfolio)

Nessa is on her LAST EVER blog portfolio, while this is just a stepping stone in my blogging life, and commitment to Jerz classes for another 7 semesters. I remember being at orientation day for SHU in June 07 and she was there and was talking about what english majors could get in to along the lines of clubs and activities and she made a CRAZY effort to give The Setonian a good name to get the class of 2011 interested in joining. She never mentioned how much blogging the Journalism majors would have to do, gosh, but I'm glad she didnt. I probably would have walked out then and wouldnt have been able to meet super cool upperclassmen like herself if I didnt stay in the major....good luck in the real world, outside of blogging Nessa - I know youll be great.


So here goes for my first last blogging portfolio...

Coverage/Timeliness - I hit all the blog assignments this time around

Freakin' Finally -not the best side of Chelsea shown here.

I'm not moving to Chicago. -I'm still not moving.

Eww...those crappy journalists. -I'm sure Nessa won't be one.

"...there is simply no big story here" -There still isnt a big story, but its a two for one deal

ABNW...readings -Basically the longest blog ever.

Eight Deadly Sins? -Originality at its decent stage.


Depth - I go into rants when I'm going for depth I've noticed.

ABNW...readings -Okay, this isnt a rant this is just me being in love with creative writing

I'm not moving to Chicago. - Short and sweet, but still ranty and deep.

The Long March to Credibility...goes on. -This is really for EL200, but its in depth and relates to EL227 pefectly


Interaction/Disscussion - Mom was right...I am a social butterfly.

My blogs people showed love to

I'm not moving to Chicago. -so I guess no one is moving to Chicago.

Eww...those crappy journalists. -insults draw crowds.


Where I left some good lovin' (that sounds dirty.)

Nessa doesn't want to move to Chicago either -relating to a senior on more than having the same dino-giraffe shirt in our SHU provided closets.

Dani stole the background I had - but its okay because I left her major props for her Article 2 idea, its very good


Xenoblogging - The Link Gracious

Eight Deadly Sins? - about giving credit, I gave credit like a champ.


Wildcard - just an overall idea.

I feel that I really stepped up in doing more blogging this time around, esp. with EL200, I used to NEVER blog with Media Lab and now I have in depth and good blogs about that subject matter. I am also putting out a good blog for EL227 each time too I think as a freshmen, that I put a lot more into it then what was expected of me and I'm prepared for next semester.  



Peace out Newswriting...Bring it on Intro. Literary Studies!!!!

(I sound so tough, you should watch out Jerz, haha just kidding!)

Eight deadly sins?

The part that stuck out the most to me was Plagiarism:The Original Sin I never had a problem with plagiarism, I know that I'm not the best with citing sources, but I dont do that on purpose, I just really do suck at citing things. But I know that some of my friends have not always been in the same boat. What I learned, that I should pass on to them is easiest in the same way the book presented it.

  • Give credit where its due.
  • Put your notes aside when you write your first draft.
  • Inform readers of your sources.
  • Information from printed sources needs page and paragraph numbers.
  • Quotation marks make the best friends.
  • Be a better time manager, plagiarism usually only happens when you're missing deadlines.
  • Journalism rests on a foundation of honesty.


I don't think I can put it any better, so I won't.

(That's all found on pages 318-319 of America's Best Newspaper Writing)

Media Lab: Part Three

Its harder to have blog discussions in Media Lab, maybe these classes should be bigger.


All my media Lab blogs since the last portfolio.

First the chapter reviews...

Intro through chapter nine

Chapters ten and eleven

Chapters 12 - 14

Fifteen to the end


And now the term project business...

How it started

How it ended down, three to go.