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February 28, 2008

EL150: Can't say it better than Maddie.

Essential Literary Terms - Hamiltion

Analogy: a comparison of a subject to something that is similar to it in order to clarify the subject's nature, purpose, or function." (Hamilton, pg. 76)

Example: "He spoke with the wisdom that can only come from experience, like a guy who went blind because he looked at a solar eclipse without one of those boxes with a pinhole in it and now goes around the country speaking at high schools about the dangers of looking at a solar eclipse without one of those boxes with a pinhole in it." (stolen from The 25 Funniest Analogies)

I like to pick the words that I hear being used wrong the most often and blog about them; however, I can never beat Maddie in getting to post because she (and this will be the only time I admit it!) is better than me....gosh.

Anyway, everything that I had to say was basically already taken by her and I feel as though I cannot compete and I have to just link to her site.

I feel so small right now. Maddie - you are lucky that I don't like going to the Setonian office alone or we would not be friends! Okay, have a great day everyone! <3 

EL150: I just came from Faith class...

The Life You Save May Be Your Own - Flannery O'Connor

I think I'm getting off topic with this one but I think it's a good thing for everyone to keep in mind.

Found on page 55, "The girl was nearly thirty but because of her innocence it was impossible to guess.”

We all need to be like this. Not so much as we need to be oblivious to what is really going on in the world around us to be the best people we can be, but that we need to be truly innocent and not give in to the temptations of the world. Maybe its the current situation (me being in the commuter lounge between classes and over hearing a terrible conversation from some boys) maybe that's what sparked this post, maybe its the fact that I'm in college and sometimes just want to run back in time to recess in fourth grade, maybe it's that this quote is actually some good stuff.

Moving on...I don't know who reads this and I don't know who out of those people believe in God, but I do, and Jesus once said something like to come into heaven one has to have the innocence of a child (I think that's quoted wrong and I don't know the Bible well enough to find it, but I know that it's something like that.) So even though I don't know O'Connor's faith or what connections she was trying to make...the one I'm making is that we need that innocence - even though the girl in this story probably doesn't end up happily ever after, at least she's got that innocence that will save her from the cruelty she sees now, in the end.



I just texted my older brother (the religion major) and he said the verses that go along with what I'm saying are as follows Mark 10:13 + Luke 18:15-17 + Matthew 19:13-15

February 26, 2008

EL150: Sing it out Alanis...

Hamilton: Essential Literary Terms

Irony - presenting a deliberate contrast between two levels of meaning - could be considered sarcasm.

Kinds of irony - Verbal (implying a meaning different from and often the complete opposite of the one stated.)Structural (implicationof alternate or reversed meaning that pervades a work.) Dramatic (when the audience is privy to knowledge before one or more characters.) Tragic (dramatic irony that occurs in tragedies.) Cosmic (implied worldview when characters are led to embrace false hope only to be defeated.)

Example - I find it ironic that after hating band in high school, the one credit I needed happens to be fulfilled by taking band this semester.  

Further explaination - "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette. (Good song.)



This blog brought to you by Chelsea getting upset because everyone she seems to talk to does not understand what irony means and always seems to hear it being used in the wrong way. Thank you and have a nice day!

EL150: The river and some little kiddos

Flannery O'Connor: The River

"The three boys didn't move. Something seemed to have happened to them. They started over his head as if they saw something coming behind him but he was afraid to turn his own head and look. Their speckles were pale and their eyes were still and gray ass glass. Only their ears twiched slightly. Nothing happened."

This quote, found on page 29, reminds me of how easily kids get scared of nothing, because they always make it out to be a bigger deal than it actually is. The truth is, little Chels did this A LOT. Mostly when I had to take the dog out at night, I HATED doing that. See our back yard is huge and our dog isn't like a normal dog because she can't just walk outside do the deed and then come back in, no she had to be difficult. See she doesn't like when people watch her, so basically that means you take her out to the very back of the yard, tie her up, walk away for awhile, walk back, bring her inside. Well, let's talk about how I made a big deal about waiting in the "dark, scary night" waiting for her. I even sang the Veggie Tales "God is bigger than the boggie-man" song while I did this chore. I always freaked out! Sometimes I made my parents wait for me on the back porch because I was afraid someone would come out behind me and snatch me and I'd be gone forever. (I was a paranoid child that watched too much Law and Order.)

Anyway, this quote reminded me of that because these kids are scared to see what's going to happen and the one is too afraid to turn around to see what his compainions are afraid of. But then nothing terrible happens. Just like little Chels, nothing terrible ever happened. The dog was taken out and in without either party being kidnapped (or dognapped) maybe these kids are watching too much Law and Order as well.

Merry Wives of Windsor Information

Since many of you seem very interested in all the information about the upcoming show put on by the Seton Hill University Theater Program I found the link to all the information.

This includes ticket prices, short bios, show times, photos and some other general information.

I hope many of you are able to attend what looks like will be a great show!

Merry Wives Information Link

February 24, 2008

EL150: Portfolio 1 - This business is getting old.

Oh blogging... I love that the song playing on my roommate's radio right now is Hate That I Love You by Rihanna which is basically how I feel about blogging. I'm not going to lie....I love the idea of it, I think Jerz was a smart one when he tought to put his classes online and have us get ideas from the readings and then put those ideas on our blogs, and then comment on other blogs to share ideas. It was a smart move. However, in some ways it is flawed, which is where the hate part comes in. (Sorry Jerz, but here comes the truth.) I hate that we do this, basically for every assignment. I hate that my blog has become more of a visited site than my Facebook. Okay, that might be a stretch but seriously - I'm on this thing A LOT. Maybe I'm just bitter because my Facebook gets love and my blog gets expletive deleted and I've spent about the same amount of time on each. Anyway, one with the first portfolio which (for those that don't hang out here like our classes) is an entry compiled of other entries that fall into five categories; coverage, timeliness, interaction, depth and discussion. Happy reading kids!

Portfolio 1 Assignment

Coverage - I feel like I've done well with coverage for this portfolio. I think however that it is pointless for me to list all of the blogs that I actually did. If someone looked at my page they could see that just about all of the entries say EL150 (this class) and then have something significant in the entry. Also, I covered the extra credit as well - I think I'm set with this category. 

Timeliness - I wont lie, I haven't done well with this category this time around. I've been really busy and sometimes the blog gets pushed to the back burner. However some entries such as; Breaking out the Blogs, I picked two. and Oh Sweet Setonian are some examples of me being "timely" which is a good thing for me, since my mom always says I'm going to be late for my own funeral. (Thanks for that mom.)

Interaction - I'm upset with this category. Granted I understand that some of this is my fault for not getting my blogs up exactly 24 hours before class, whatever I don't blog for myself, leave some love already. Anyway...blogs that got love; Sometimes I cannot choose., Which will I master?, and But I liked that character! And some blogs where I showed some love. Steph's blog about Emily's darkness, Ethan's blog - I give him props for being smart, and Allie's blog when we wrote the same thing.

Depth - Interestingly I think that I did well with depth even though my entries are not very long. I think that I showed how well I could relate current day things to the works that we are reading to give a different perspective to the class. Some entries that showed this, One Tree Hill, A feminist entry, The Notebook.

Discussion - So, sometimes I forget to give comments but I was able to find some classmates blogs where I did the discussion business. Marsha's blog (where I teach vocabulary) and Angela's blog (where we talk about Disney classics)


"And I hate how much I love you, I can't stand how much I need you..."

EL150: Oh Sweet Setonian

I went to the Merry Wives of Windsor play practice on Wednesday to take pictures for The Setonian and was able to stay for the majority of the practice (which was a good time and reminded me of how much I miss being on stage.) Anyway, but the part that they were focusing on was Act 5.

Now I like Shakespeare, I think he's a pretty good catch; however, more than half the time I cannot understand what is going on with his writing unless I see it played out infront of me. (Thank you SHU Theater Program.) But also just a plug - these kids have a lot of energy in their acting I'm sure it will be a great show.

Sorry I get side-tracked sometimes..."The night is dark; light and spirits will become it well. Heaven prosper our sport. No man means evil but the devil, and we shall know him by his horns." (Act 5, Scene 2) 

I chose this quote because when I was taking pictures/watching the show, I missed the first part of this with the whole horn making business because that is where they started and I was not just watching the show, I was trying to take pictures as well. (So I was a bit confused.) However, this quote reminded me of what was going actually going on, on stage. And because of that and because of how the actors really were able to pull you into this scene, I better understand what is going on. I find it pretty funny now too - because even though Nathan May does a great job of running around in fear, it is better to actually know what is going on even though his facial expressions are enough to keep anyone entertained.

February 20, 2008

EL150: Extra Credit - simple is beautiful

"...and if you go as you are, you will certainly attract all eyes, but I am sure you will not win admiration for these things from a single heart whose regard is worth having."

I have to agree with the aunt in this short story. Aunt Helen is trying to tell Alice that she is overdressed and that her outfit is too flashy. I have to agree with Helen...I think that any girl looks better when she is dressed simply, like she has the confidence to wear whatever she wants and know that she looks good, without society's approval. I feel that girls around my age feel like they always have to make themselves look perfect and have their hair just right, and wear the right clothes and be the right size and always look "over done" because they are trying to measure up to society's views of beautiful.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I agree with the aunt - a girl doesn't need a million accessories and the perfect outfit to look good, though these are not always bad things - all a girl really needs is confidence in herself.

February 19, 2008

EL150: Why are men not like William now?

Sonnet CXXX: y Mistress' Eyes are Nothing like the Sun

"And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare/As any she belied with false compare."

At first this depressed me. I was thinking oh William Shakespeare...I thought you were a hopeless romantic like me? But then I found out that in the last line it says belied, which I didn't know the meaning of but now I know that it means to give the wrong impression about something thing.

So basically - yay Willy!!! I took this as him saying that his mistress might not be what society calls beautiful - but to him, she is gorgeous. I like when men are like that. Like regaurdless of what the world around them says - he still sees his girl as the most beautiful girl in the world.

Her eyes are not like the sun, her lips are not very red, she's pale, she does not smell amazing all the time, and her voice is not always pleasing...but he still finds her beautiful. (Let's get more guys like that in this world!)

EL150: Teaching little kids about death.

Holy Sonnents: Death, be not proud by John Donne

"One short sleep past, we wake eternally," was the quote I chose because I first thought about how parents tell their small children about death.

I know that when my grandma died when I was about three, I was not allowed to go to the funeral because my brother and I thought the entire body went to heaven - not just a soul. But gram was said to be "sleeping" because at the age of three, who really can wrap their mind around death?

This line makes me think of the growth of how we learn the reality of death. How when we are young - we see death as sleeping and as we grow up we see that it is much more and depending on your religion - we "wake up" from our sleeping stage to see that the dead aren't really sleeping - but living beyond this life and living better than they ever could down on earth.

February 18, 2008

EL150: It's late, I'm doing all in one.

My aunt once gave me a book of a bunch of poems by Emily Dickinson and I believe these two were in there, but I never really read them until now. I like the first one...I'm easily confused by the second.


First Dickinson Poem

"Because I could not stop for Death,/He kindly stopped for me;/The carriage held but just ourselves/And Immortality."

This is the first stanza. I really like it because it reminds me of rushing through life and not having time to actually live and then one day it's too late. And then it seems like the speaker is waiting for awhile to get to either heaven or hell. Like he spent all his time in life trying to get stuff done and trying to do more and more without REALLY living and then when in death it takes forever to get anywhere.


And the second

"How sweet it would have tasted,/Just a drop!"

Ugh, I hate that feeling...that sooo close to getting everything you wanted feeling, that almost the best, almost the favored, almost first, almost everything you worked for, and then it being taken away from you. This poem, "Victory Comes Late" by Emily Dickinson portrays that feeling and captures it so perfectly, esp. with this line.

February 14, 2008

Happy Love Day & I like bonus points.

Usually I'm not a fan of this Hallmark holiday and would be wishing a Happy Singles Awareness Day, but I've realized that Valentine's Day is not just about couples...it's about love, period. Love for your parents, your friends, your roommate, your dog, your grandma, you favorite band...it's about love. (So happy love day, world.)


 Now onto the bonus for EL150.


Aim, snap, fall.

The bitter wind weaved it's way through the trees so tall.

The colors invading sights.

I think I've found, my new addiction tonight.

The phone call, left me paralyzed from the waist down

by the pureness of it all.

Then your siren began to sing.

I know this may be redundent, but I think it bares repeating.

I think I've found my other half.

I swear I've found my better half.

I think I've found my other half.

I swear I've found my better half.

I think I've found my other half.

I swear I've found my better half.

...Here we go.

                     -Nick Thomas (Aim, Snap, Fall)


Myself and that cutie Nick Thomas below...for your enjoyment.<3


EL150: I'm not gonna write you a love song...

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

            26 "There will be time, there will be time
            27 To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet;"
First I would like to say how this poem reminded me of one of my favorite songs. (So the post before this one is right, no story is ever truely new.) Anyway, I really picked this quote for no reason, just to give a little advice. "To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet" AKA to make yourself look good for everyone in the world that you might encounter that day. I like that it says there will be time twice, because I always feel like I am rushing to get ready and rushing through the day and never really sit back and take in what is going on.
There will be time, THERE WILL BE TIME, to get ready for the day and get ready to meet and see the people you're meant to see. Slow down kids, life isn't long enough for rushing - but there will be time.

EL150: Oh Nicholas Sparks.

How to Read Literature Like a Professor

"Everywhere you look, the ground is already camped on. So you sigh and pitch your tent where you can, knowing someone else has been there before."

This quote, found on page 187, made me happy. The chapter is talking about how, in a nut shell, everything has already been written and there really are no new ideas for books or movies or even songs, everything has already been written. Though I already knew this, when I begun writing my novel, I was depressed about how much the idea of it, and where I think it is going to end up reminded me so much of a book that Nicholas Sparks would write. (The creator of The Notebook, before it was made into a movie, for those that don't know who he is.)

However, with this quote, and this section of the book really, it made me happy because even though my work may remind people of Sparks' work, and though in a way it is basically the same kind of story that he writes, it's still different...because its mine, and it will have my views on the topic. After all, apparently Shakespear already has written everything and every writer to follow him is copying, so apparently my buddy Sparks got his ideas from someone too.

Don't worry, you all will love my book - even if The Notebook wasn't your favorite.

February 12, 2008

EL150: But I liked that character!

A Good Man is Hard to Find

Wow! This short story was very well written, I loved it. The quote I chose was found on page three, "In case of an accident, anyone seeing her dead on the highway would know at once that she was a lady."

I really liked the Grandma's character. She was classic. She reminds me of a neighbor we have back home that wears a dress or skirt everyday because that is the "lady-like" thing to do, and I love it. (Though I wonder what she thought of me during my tom-boy days.) Anyway, I think women like that are so classy and interesting, so I loved this character. I loved that she looked like a lady, and expected her (very RUDE) grandchildren to act properly, even though she didn't always seem to. I liked that she talked all the time about everything, I basically just loved this character and how much O'Connor really brought her to life.

What I didn't like is her dying!!! UGH, I hate when my favorite character dies! But I like that the quote I picked kind of goes along with the way she died. (I picked that quote before finishing the story because I liked the classy-ness of the grandma.) I never thought that she'd die, after she causes an accident with her family on vacation, and though they all live through the accident "The Misfit" comes along and kills them...of course, I should have predicted it when the dirt road was brought up, gosh! But even though it wasn't right off the highway, at least she left the world the way she wished, like a lady, and a pretty classy one I might add. 

EL150: I knew I was doing this right.

How to Read Literature Like a Professor

So I always thought there was more to this picking out a quote, blogging about it and then commenting on classmates blogs, but here I was all along....doing it right. (At least right according to Foster.)

"So engage that other creative intelligence. Listen to your instincts. Pay attention to what you feel about the text. It probably means something." This lovely quote found on page 107, made my day. I really like the part that says "pay attention to what you feel about the text" I always felt (even in other classes) that everyone was digging in, sometimes too far in, to the texts, when all I could get out was a quote that didnt really matter. I'm glad Foster agrees with me...it probably means something.

February 7, 2008

EL150: So which will I master.

Hamilton: Essential Literary Terms

Alright - I'm the kid that takes the assignment in my own little way sometimes so here I go again.

The two terms I picked out were Lyric Poetry and Novel. First off, I picked these two because they are along the lines of what I want to get in to and have started to do already.

Lyric Poetry is said it be usually short and are in first person point of view, though that is not always the poets voice, it is displayed as the character or speakers voice; which may or may not be the actual poet talking as well. (examples are Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself" and Sylvia Plath's "Daddy" -both are well written actually.) I thought as well as these, that lyrical poetry could even be some lyrics to songs.

A Novel, as many people know is a longer story that has a more in-depth plot that a short story and is able to expand on characters lives and backgrounds and expand on the situations going on in the book. (examples are The Scarlet Letter and Pride and Prejudice -personally I like the first better.)

Anyway, I bring these two up because I like the style of lyric poetry and I like novels. I've written songs and lyric poetry in the past and I am breaking into the writing novels idea currently so yeah, sometimes (okay all the time) I like my blog to talk about me. So those are my plans and I guess we'll see how it goes.

February 5, 2008

EL150: Behind every powerful man is a more powerful woman.

"Trifles" by Susan Glaspell (1916)

COUNTY ATTORNEY:For that matter, a sheriff's wife is married to the law. Ever think of it that way, Mrs. Peters?

This may be off target but I related this to women that (may or not work themselves) that are married to a person in a form of power. Like a sheriff, or pastor, or counselor, or doctor, or lawyer or even president. I feel as though (more so if the wife does not work) she takes on some of the role of her husbands duties. In a pastor or counselor's case, they take care of so many people in different ways...who takes care of them? Same with the doctor, he is in and out with patients to save their lives...who saves him when he goes home? And with the lawyer, he is there to make his client look good...who keeps him looking good? And the president, he is in control of a whole nation and whether or not it will fall apart...who keeps him from falling apart? I feel that in so many ways, women are also married to their husbands occupation, at any level of the work force. Mrs. Peters answer should be yes - a sheriff's wife is married to the law. After all, she cannot have the man she loves without it.

Maybe this trackback will work.

EL150: Sometimes I cannot choose.

How to Read Literature Like a Professor: Chapters 19 & 20

I picked two quotes. The first, found on page 167, "She goes, in other words, from a closed to an open enviroment, and she seizes the opportunities for growth and development." And the second, from page 173, "Some of these you will notice, appear on both lists, and you can make either enviroment work for you if you're a real writer."

Basically I like when my quotes relate best to me, its true sometimes I am self-centered, I'm okay with that. Anyway, I never really noticed how much geography played into the role of a story until these chapters. Of course in high school we're told to look at every detail to the point of vomiting, but not being the best at directions or anything dealing with the layout of a map (a trait I actually did receive from my mama) made the whole topic of geography not one of my favorites. However with the first quote I related it to going from SmallTown, PA to University, and how this is my time to seize the oppurtunities for growth and development. Even though this is a small college and I see basically the same faces everyday now, its a time to branch out or in other words, grow and develop. Which brings me to my next quote. I want to be a real writer. I want to be recognized for it and make the craft work for me. So to tie the two together, I'm at the point to grow and develop, and become the great writer I am aspiring to be.

February 3, 2008

EL 150: Saturday, December 29th

"Bernice Bobs Her Hair"

"...that this hair, this wonderful hair of hers, was going--she would never again feel its long voluptuous pull as it hung in a dark-brown glory down her back." Oh I understand girl. When I got around 20 inches cut off of my hair over break (on the 29th) I put on my brave face and acted like cutting off that much hair (and basically 2 years of my life) off kinda shocked me.

So when I realized the lesson learned here - I understood that too. I like that whole starting over, getting a new look and becoming who you know you are. Though personally I think the hair made me more rockstar like, Burnice needed it to make her who she deep down wanted to be.

EL150: Maybe too much One Tree Hill?

How to read Literature Like a Professor

So my brother got me Season Four of One Tree Hill for Christmas. (I am an OTH addict...I will not lie.) So maybe because I have been dunking myself into the majority of the season this weekend is why this quote stood out to me. "My guess is that as long as people act toward their fellows in exploitative and selfish ways, the vampire will be with us (Foster 21).


Season Four is by far the most messed up and crazy good season of OTH...ever. Maybe it's because everyone has a "vampire" in them and everyone is acting selfish in basically all the choices they make through out the season. But this quote stuck out because its true. Though OTH is just a show, being a writer, I'm guessing that the writers of the show get some of their material from their high school days and I'm sure that anyone can find a piece of themselves in anyone of the characters.


Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is, I think we all need to let the vampires go.

February 1, 2008

EL150: So we break out the blogs for real.

How to Read Literature Like a Professor

The quote I used was "A moment occurs in this exchange between professor and student when each of us adopts a look" (Foster xiii). I like this quote because "the look" goes for everything, from the parent disiplining a child to the blank stare professors get from confused students. We use it ALL THE TIME, and everyone always knows what it means in any given situation. This quote, though really having nothing to do with the rest of the reading, stuck out because Foster wants us to be able to know what it all means, just like professors, and I thought it was clever that he mentions the look, the thing that everyone understands.

I chose Andrea's comment for this reading because she used the quote, "When small children,...begin to tell you a story, they put in every detail and every word they recall, with no sense that some features are more important than others." (But don't they look so cute when they say...and then, and then, and then....) I love when little kids tell stories, they get so excited and so passionate to tell you every little last thing...and then...they tell you more and more...and then....they get out of breath because they are talking so fast...and then...you get the point. Anyway, Andrea points out how she finds it ironic that little kids remember EVERY DETAIL but as college students we tend to forget some important meanings and stick with the easy stuff. If only we could use our...and then...ways in college to remember stuff.


Freedom of speech redefined by blogs.

First I'd like to start by applauding Dr. Jerz for sticking an article about himself (and some others) into our assigned reading. ::CLAPS:: Anyway, I've read this article before while waiting outside of Jerz's office to make my schedule for the spring semester. However, I think I missed the line "But every so often, something unexpected happens and a broader discussion ensues." The point being that anyone can have access to your blog. In my comment on the course site I talked about how I used to have journals and though I loved writing everything in them, my real goal was to hide them when I was done writing so my loving big brother wouldn't find them. But I started using a weblog when I was about 12 or 13 and I couldnt hide that. Though with my xanga I can set entries to private, some people (my "subscribers") can still get into the entry and read it - nothing is fully hidden on the internet.

That is why I liked the quote Steph chose, "He views his own blogs as a far cry from the all-opinion rants of his freshman year. 'I've learned to do better research, so I don't sound like I'm someone angry at the world.'" Steph talks about how she finds this quote worth commenting on because of how real it is. I TOTALLLLLLLY get that. I look back on some old blogs I wrote and seriously crack up laughing....and lets not even talk about those journals, gosh. I like to look back on them though to see how my writing has grown and matured but wow little chels was an overdramatic dork. (At least she's cute though.) But this article was a good starter to blogging with this class, because I don't think too many people have used them and putting the example that people will find your rants is a good lesson to learn early.