EL150: Behind every powerful man is a more powerful woman.

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"Trifles" by Susan Glaspell (1916)

COUNTY ATTORNEY:For that matter, a sheriff's wife is married to the law. Ever think of it that way, Mrs. Peters?

This may be off target but I related this to women that (may or not work themselves) that are married to a person in a form of power. Like a sheriff, or pastor, or counselor, or doctor, or lawyer or even president. I feel as though (more so if the wife does not work) she takes on some of the role of her husbands duties. In a pastor or counselor's case, they take care of so many people in different ways...who takes care of them? Same with the doctor, he is in and out with patients to save their lives...who saves him when he goes home? And with the lawyer, he is there to make his client look good...who keeps him looking good? And the president, he is in control of a whole nation and whether or not it will fall apart...who keeps him from falling apart? I feel that in so many ways, women are also married to their husbands occupation, at any level of the work force. Mrs. Peters answer should be yes - a sheriff's wife is married to the law. After all, she cannot have the man she loves without it.

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Stephanie Wytovich said:

:) little bit of feminist there? haha no i totally agree with you. If her situation, she was defiently placed under a lot of stress because she not only had her duties, but her husband's as well.

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