EL150: Teaching little kids about death.

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Holy Sonnents: Death, be not proud by John Donne

"One short sleep past, we wake eternally," was the quote I chose because I first thought about how parents tell their small children about death.

I know that when my grandma died when I was about three, I was not allowed to go to the funeral because my brother and I thought the entire body went to heaven - not just a soul. But gram was said to be "sleeping" because at the age of three, who really can wrap their mind around death?

This line makes me think of the growth of how we learn the reality of death. How when we are young - we see death as sleeping and as we grow up we see that it is much more and depending on your religion - we "wake up" from our sleeping stage to see that the dead aren't really sleeping - but living beyond this life and living better than they ever could down on earth.

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