EL 150: Saturday, December 29th

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"Bernice Bobs Her Hair"

"...that this hair, this wonderful hair of hers, was going--she would never again feel its long voluptuous pull as it hung in a dark-brown glory down her back." Oh I understand girl. When I got around 20 inches cut off of my hair over break (on the 29th) I put on my brave face and acted like cutting off that much hair (and basically 2 years of my life) off kinda shocked me.

So when I realized the lesson learned here - I understood that too. I like that whole starting over, getting a new look and becoming who you know you are. Though personally I think the hair made me more rockstar like, Burnice needed it to make her who she deep down wanted to be.

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Theresa Conley said:

It's absolutely amazing what hair can do to a girl. How it can make her feel. It's just hair but I know exactly what you and Bernice mean. I've cried a few times over a hair cut gone bad.

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