EL150: I'm glad I'm complex.

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I'm an English Major - Now What?

"Regaurdless of your major, however, remember: Your major is not you. Nor is your future determined or limited by your major. If it were, every politician would have majored in political science" (Lemire 183).

GOOOOOOOOD!!! When I first picked my major(s) I thought, okay great so I'll be in something that I like and then live in a box until I die...sweet. However, I AM so much more than just Journalism and Communication. I like soooo many different things, I really could have gone to any major (okay minus the math and science ones) but still, I was open to anything. Currently, I'm really interested in the Marketing field and thinking of making it my minor (if that's possible) but anyway, I really like the more business, media planning and public relations kinda thing then just the write for a newspaper stuff. So this is good news, thank you sir!

Page 187


Upside-The industry likes a liberal arts background with specialized knowledge, as well as creative people strong in idea generation and presentation skills; stimulating work; variety of assignments.

Downside-Hours can be long(expect more than forty hours a week):travel often required;intensely competitive field.

I'm more than sure that I can handle the ups and downs - so bring it on Marketing Minor. (SHU get used to this face, I'll be around awhile.)



Seton Hill does not offer a Marketing Minor. (Insert sad face here.) 

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Stephanie Wytovich said:

Awe Chelsea! I'm sure you'll find another major or minor you overacheiving woman you! But you do make a good point about your major not just being you. I'm the same way. I mean, I'm not a journalism major, yet I've been doing it as a job for 2 years?

Greta Carroll said:

Chelsea, I know what you mean, it is so hard to pick! When I chose my majors (English, French, Education), I had a hard time deciding whether to major and minor or double major. I had to decide between English, French, and History (all in which I was very interested in). Reading Lemire’s chapters though made me want to take on even more! I would love to add a minor in history or if Seton Hill offers it English as a Second Language. Sadly, I cannot fit a minor in, since I have no room to take anything but the core classes and those required by my majors (especially since I am losing a semester to student teach). However, I think Lemire’s suggestion to double-major is an extremely good one. Any way in which we can better prepare ourselves or set ourselves apart from other job candidates is always a plus. But I agree with you, it is encouraging to hear that we are not limited by our majors—especially for those of us who had a hard time deciding!

Kaitlin Monier said:

I would love to major in different areas. I love reading and writing (hence the English major), but I also really like archeology, astronomy and film making (filming and editing). Just because you are an English major doesn't mean all you do is read and write.

Erica Gearhart said:

It is so hard to choose a major/minor! I too love so many things, and I love learning. I went from History, to Science, to Social Work, to Psychology, and (finally!) to English Literature. It is great, Chelsea, that you are so interesting in Marketing and business. I actually wrote about the "Going Corporate" chapter and someone in this field actually responded. Here is the link if you want to check it out Chelsea: http://blogs.setonhill.edu/EricaGearhart/2008/03/the_corporate_world_is_not_for.html
He might be able to answer questions you might have for him. I love hearing about other people's career goals and major choices, so I'm glad you choose to talk about this topic in this blog.

Jessie Farine said:

Put on some pressure, and maybe you can get a Marketing minor started here. This university changes and evolves; they are currently thinking of starting a Film major or minor here sometime in the near future. I think the faculty takes students' wishes into consideration, which is a total breath of fresh air from high school. Wow, I'm actually happy to be in college again. Thanks Chelsea for helping me have a minor (ha) epiphany.

You might be able to design your own minor. You can certainly take a bunch of relevant courses, maybe do an independent study or internship, and list it on your resume as a "concentration" even if SHU doesn't officially recognize it as a minor.

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