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May 31, 2008

i will stand for You

I love Jumonville. I love being on this staff. I adore this staff. This summer has already proven to be more amazing then I thought possible. I have made WONDERFUL friends with my fellow staffers and I know these relationships will last for a long time. I love these kids and I love what we're doing.

I cannot lie though, there are times and days where it is all too much, and I'm too worn down to fully function. Not just because I'm fighting off mono but just because this work is really draining. This week has been tough. Tuesday we spent the day at the low ropes course. We went on a 10 mile bike trip and 10 mile duckie boating trip at Ohiopyle, Wednesday, and a three hour canoe trip Thursday. On Friday we spent the entire day at the high ropes course and the sun has not been in everyone's favor during all these outings. Today though it was pouring and we were able to have a group of firefighters come in to use the adventure center and were able to teach them what to do in there and it was a great experience.

These weeks of training have been draining in many other aspects too. God is really moving among our staff and the campus is really becoming our home. There's a lot going on that I can not even begin to explain here, but it all has been a great growing experience and a great experience in general. I love being here - even though training is much harder than I even thought it would be. As a camper I never noticed all that the counselors go through and all that they really have to do. I'm so glad I have been given this opportunity.

I cannot wait for the campers to get here, I think I'll be more at ease and able to really find myself through them. I cannot wait for this summer to really get going and for this life to really be used for God. This will be a good summer. Though this is all much harder than I thought it would be, it is amazing and I would never trade these times for the world. For once, words are failing me and I am unable to explain how much I am in love with what all is happening right now. The friends, the bonds, the laughter, the work, the strength, the worship, the love, the talks, everything is amazing here...hard but amazing. This is the greatest "job" ever. This really is a ministry.

May 16, 2008

My new camera has touch screen!

So I have some acute form of mono the doctor tells me. To mother this means I'm supposed to sleep all day, to me this means I'm boredddddddddd. Anyway, the doctor called yesterday and said that I am allowed to do any activities at my own discretion. So basically I can do whatever, just don't get worn out because that's when we'll have problems.

Well, my own discretion said that today I needed to buy a new camera. So I took the blazer (I like to pretend it's a baby Hummer) and picked up one of my best friend's, Chelsea (yeah, her name's Chelsea too) and we drove off to Cranberry to buy a new camera.

Thirty minute drives are fun times when you haven't seen a person since the day before you moved into college. Anyway, Chelsea is a good parking spot locator, too bad she doesn't bear in mind that we are driving in a baby hummer. So, yes, we did take ten minutes parking just so we wouldn't have to walk in the rain.

So, this Wal-Mart did not have the camera we planned on buying, but instead we found one that was stainless steel (ohhhh) and all the other features I wanted/needed. So since this camera had all the fun things I wanted and was the same price and was stainless steel, we purchased said camera.

So I get home and because I have to play with everything, I instantly opened the camera to find out that IT HAS A TOUCH SCREEEN!!!! Don't you think that would be one of the most important things to put on the little card that is displayed by the camera when it sits on the shelf? I would think so.

Anyway, I leave for camp in two days - I'm getting excited for it, not going to lie...expect fun pictures when I get some off time from my new SWEET camera

May 8, 2008

95% of my friends have left

My iTunes is on shuffle and I forgot I even had this song on there. But, it actually means something to me now when I listen to it. It's weird to call some place else home for such a long time - just to go back to where your real home is. I miss good ol' EC, so Saturday cannot come soon enough, but SHU will be missed more than I ever expected.

"We left family to live with strangers, now we leave family to go back home." 


Franklin - Paramore

And when we get home, I know we won't be home at all
This place we live, it is not where we belong
And I miss who we were in the town that we could call our own
Going back to get away after everything has changed

'Could you remind me of a time when we were so alive
(Everything has changed)
Do you remember that? Do you remember that?
(Everything has changed)
'Could you help me push aside all that I have left behind
(Everything has changed)
Do you remember that? Do you remember that?

So we stand here now and no one knows us at all
I won't get used to this
I won't get used to being gone
And going back won't feel the same if we aren't staying
Going back to get away after everything has changed

'Could you remind me of a time when we were so alive
(Everything has changed)
Do you remember that? Do you remember that?
(Everything has changed)
'Could you help me push aside all that I have left behind
(Everything has changed)
Do you remember that? Do you remember that?

Taking up our time
Taking up our time
Taking up our time
It's taking up our time
go back, we can't go back at all
It's taking up our time
go back, we can't go back at all
It's taking up our time
go back, we can't go back at all
It's taking up our time, taking up our time

'Cause you remind me of a time when we were so alive
Do you remember that? Do you remember that?

May 6, 2008

1 Samuel 12:24

I'm working at Jumonville this summer. I should be really, really excited. I'm nervous.

I love Jumonville and have been going to summer camp there since I was about eight years old. The camp has changed my life and re-invented me with every trip there. I used to count down the days in the summer until I could go to camp, and then cry basically the whole day when I had to come home. I love Jumonville.

I spent my 14th and 17th birthday at Jumonville, I made some of the best friends I have to this day there, I found God for the first time there, I found a reason to keep trucking time after time there, and now I get to work there. I get paid for doing something I love. But I'm more nervous about it then I ever thought possible.

Jumonville means so much to me, one of the reasons I picked Seton Hill was because it slightly reminded me of Jumonville's campus. That's actually the first thing my dad said when we were pulling up the Hill on move in day back in August, which was the first time that he saw Seton Hill.

But I'm scared that I won't be able to bring those same kind of memories to the campers I come in contact with. I can only go so far, I can only teach them the songs and lead them on the hikes and help them at the ropes course. I can only lead the Bible studies, and tell them about God and how important He really is. I cannot make them believe it all. That's where the kids turn into adults and make that big decision for themselves. I can only guide them, and I hope that I am able to do so. I'm nervous that the kids won't love Jumonville as much as I do after their week there. But that's where God takes over, and my work is left up to him.

I cannot believe that I have this chance to mold lives and help kids with such a big decision that is truely life changing. Granted I know not every single kid that comes to camp is going to be on fire for Jesus after they leave, but if I make an impact on one kid, I'll feel like I've done my job. I have always wanted this chance and now it's right infront of me. And I'm getting paid for this? I know I'm a privledged kid. I move in May 19th. Hazard Yet Forward, Chelsea.



"But be sure to fear the Lord and

serve Him faithfully with all your heart;

consider what great things He has done for you."

May 2, 2008

Welcome to Seton Hill: you're gonna love it.

I'm not going lie - I love Seton Hill. Okay, that's actually an understatement. I ADORE Seton Hill. Now of course there are some problems, but EasyMac was invented for the days the college cafeteria's don't have the greatest selection. (You're going to eat it later in the day anyway, after all - the freshman 15 isn't refering to how many credits to take.) Seton Hill has it's downfalls, but what campus doesn't. I honestly have to say that the only real problem I see at SHU is also what makes this campus great. It's small and everyone knows everyone. This is bad because people know your flaws, but its great because you always know someone will be there to help you.

I've got one week left in my first year...then I'm no longer a freshy! That's pretty exciting actually. I can't believe that this time last year I was going to prom, and getting ready for my last summer "as a kid." I can't believe that I actually made it through life without the great people that I've met this year, before coming to SHU. What I really can't believe is how much I've grown, changed and above all how much I've learned. Not only the stuff I've learned in the various classrooms, but what I've learned on the weekends, or in the Brownlee lounge late at night, or just randomly off campus with friends, and I don't know how I'll be able to make it through a summer without those kids. We've all had our share of ups and downs, but I hope I never lose these guys, they basically complete me.

I feel smarter now too, its weird. I always knew I was a bright kid, but randomly I'll find myself in conversation about anything, and know interesting facts or how to do something or fix something or anything and I'm right about it. Seton Hill really snuck up on me in that way. I always try to look back on the school year and think of what I've learned, and usually I'm over it pretty quick and realize it wasn't much. (I'm glad SHU doesn't make me feel the way LHS did after each year.) I really felt like here I learned to learn...not learn to get the right answers on some test and then forget about it. I actually learned something, and remember how to apply what I've learned to life.


But enough with the sap...let's look back on fun learning times through pictures...

really is the place for smiles

 can't say it any better

 finals survial kits = heaven

 the most FAQ on campus

 most loved cafe meal

 favorite building on campus

my shared library is one of the most used in the network = i rock


 plus   equals amazzzzzing




I'm sure I'm missing some stuff but you get the's been a good year. 

EL150: This would be sentimental....

...but I've got two classes with Jerz next semester so just more and more blogging is to come!


Blogging Portfolio Three

Here we go around kiddos. The final blogging portfolio...until next semester. Like always this is the time when the class has their chance to put all their best posts together in a cute little format. We've only had two other portfolios this semester; one of which I was very bitter on, and the other that I was decently happy about. This one isn't bitter, or super excited, welcome to the happy medium blog portfolio folks.


Coverage - I've done decent with coverage, this time around I did miss two times to blog (I don't even remember why, but I missed them) So like the other portfolios, you could just check out my page to see all the goods I did do.

Timeliness - I feel that I've done the best with being on time this time around. Mostly because a lot of my blogs I did wayyyyy in advance just to get them out of the way so I wouldn't have to stress about them and my other work throughout the week. But the ones below are the ones that were the most timely.

Interaction - Okay, so putting my blogs in early helped with me receiving comments, but it made me forget to sometimes go back and comment on classmates blogs. But here's what I got.

My entries that got some lovin.

Entries where I gave some lovin.

Depth - I did decent in this area, the only book that I really liked that I could have any depth to it was Wit, and for some reason I can't work the link for that page (insert Chelsea pout face here) anyway, these ones were decent enough for this section.

Discussion - Because I was a slacker I didn't get involved in too many note-worthy discussions on my classmates blogs, but there were a couple started on my posts.

Overall, I've gotten a lot out of this class, if nothing else it was good to be in a class with such fun kids. The ideas people came up with (once we really got into the texts) were really interesting. And after hearing the final paper ideas from everyone in class, I think that everyone else got something out of EL150 as well. I'm kind of jealous of Jerz because he gets to read everyone's paper, because them all seemed like pretty decent ideas and they will probably all turn out pretty well - good luck kiddos and have a great and safe summer! <3