And give us clean hands...

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So last week was my first week with campers. It was honestly the most amazing experience ever. I love the age group (elem.) and my campers from that week are really being missed. It was an beginning adventure camp so we did a lot of exciting things on and off the campus and really were able to grow together as a group. It was truely amazing learning from such a young crowd, but through them I find myself maturing. They were a great way to really start off the summer.

Now I am working the Senior High Sports camp. It is SOOOOO MUCH different. This group is taking some time to get used to and is much harder to work with than I expected. I thought that since we are so close in age that I'd be able to relate to them better, but it is hard to believe what a year of college has turned me in to. (Well a year of college and a month of being here, has turned me in to.) I'm in Washington Lodge this week, which is really nice with the AC and the queen sized bed for the counselor :) But the downfall of that is that I only have four girls in my room so they are the only ones I can really get to know. But the four of them are great girls...clearly high school aged, but great girls.

I love the relationships that are still growing through the staff and what great friends I have made and continue to grow with, even though we are not always assigned to the same camps or even the same areas. It is incredible what you can do with 24 hrs off on the weekend though, and I truely love my staffers.

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Stormy said:

Congrats, hun. It's great you're blogging about this so you can look back on these entries with fond memories. I was a figure skater from when I was 4 until 17, and I basically lived in a rink during that time. We had summer camps every year and all the moms usually just dropped their kids off and though I was young too, I was always one of the oldest girls. It's absolutely amazing how much maturity and growth can be gained from working with younger people. It's also amazing how much those young people mature from being in such a social environment. I know if it weren't for my skating years I'd be a completely different woman today, and I always saw the maturity of the children improve throughout the summer.

Good luck, keep up the perseverance. Oh, and I agree how much of a difference even one year of college makes. I work with a few high school graduates at Burlington and it baffles me sometimes how much different their trains of though are!

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