July 13 - 19

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Discovery Week. Jumonville sets aside one week in the summer to have mentally challenged adults come to camp, it's called Discovery Week.

I had my week off from July 6th -12th, to come back and be assigned to this camp. During my week off I was told that I would not be working with them because they did not need all of the Program Staff so I was going to help out as Lifeguard. But when I returned to the mountain I found out that all of the Program Staff on campus would be working for Discovery Week.

There were five of us, seven volunteer counselors and fourty-four mentally handicapped adult campers. I did not want to work at this camp. I didn't understand how we were supposed to act and how we were supposed to have bible studies and actually teach them anything about God and them actually get it. But to say the least my perspective changed drastically, very quickly.

Because the group was so large, we split them in to three groups. My group was the yellow group. Each day we had music, bible study, and art classes. The music class was supposed to prepare them for the end of the week when the groups would compete in the "Jumonville Idol." So one day we had some extra time in music class before moving on so we asked if anyone had a favorite song to sing. Amazing Grace was the song of choice and we all stood up to sing. By the end of the song we were standing holding hands in a circle in the front of the room and some of the campers (and the music teacher) were in tears.

At that moment I got it. God doesn't make mistakes, God doesn't mess up. So many times these people are said to be a mistake and are good for nothing, and at the beginning of the week I felt that way, because I had no clue how we were supposed to teach these people about God, when really they taught me. He moves how He needs to and through that song and those people singing it, He was able to move in them so they could see Him, without me having to do anything.

I need to remember that I'm not the message, I'm just the messenger, and even though I might not always know how to give the message, God will work through me somehow to show people what He needs to. We all need to drop our agendas and work off of God's.


On Friday night, the Yellow Group won Jumonville Idol.

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