Chelsea Oliver: Internet Co-Creator

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"In another generation, these students would have simply been users of a computer," Dr. Jerz said. "Now, they are co-creators of the Internet."


I've read this article every time that we have come to the "learning the blogs" lesson in any of Jerz's classes and this is the first time I think I've ever actually saw this quote from our one and only.

I like it. (Thanks Jerz!) I like that we are becoming co-creators of the Internet, we're not just the generation that grew up with this technology; we're the generation that really made it into something. I never realized before this class, mostly today's discussion with Jackie, that we really grew up with computers at hand. I remember my older brother and I finding our first family computer one Christmas many years back and when my elementary school first got a large computer lab filled with brand new, blue Apple computers.

Growing up with a computer is one thing, helping create what everyone thinks of that computer seems very exciting and (yes I'm lame) cool to me.



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Maddie Gillespie said:

Wow, I'm the first one here too. Imagine that. Anyways, you brought a unique look to this article involving this quote. I rather like the idea of being a co-creator of something, but that kinda scares me at the same time. In my way of thinking, you're responsible for whatever you create; whether it may be used either good or evil. The internet, its websites, the pages we fashion, and the writings we leave strewn across its vastness, have power. You have to set standards and watch what happens. Okay, done with the in-depth thinking for now!

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