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Informal Style of Electronic Messaging Shows Up In School Work

"Nearly two-thirds of 700 students surveyed said their e-communication style sometimes bled into school assignments, according to the study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, in partnership with the College Board’s National Commission on Writing."


Honestly? I figured these numbers were high but I didn't think that it was that bad. Maybe it's because my majors' deal so deeply with writing and speaking and doing so properly that I'd put myself in the other one-third that actually writes correctly, or maybe it's that I actually care. IDK. (I don't know.)

I have to admit that I occasionally slip a "lol" (laugh out loud) or a "ttyl" (talk to you later) in some of my text messages, but really I prefer to write in complete sentences so people aren't trying to figure out what I'm saying through a text. I really hate when my friends overuse the abbreviations of things through a text because doing that plus the confusion of the wrong word coming up on T9 is just very annoying. But maybe it's just me; I like people to understand me when I'm talking to them...

I will say though, that I very much enjoy talking (out loud) to people with abbrevations. A common phrase I used this summer..."Don't be jeal when I tty in abbrivs." (Don't be jealous when I talk to you in abbreviations.) But I really do it to make fun of the text messaging style of writing. (I remember purposely slipping "deec" in class the other day while talking about how I'm DECENT at computer stuff.)

But I can say that I never slipped any kind of abbreviation during something formal like a speech or a paper that I would turn in of any kind...that'd be a pretty OMG moment.



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Maddie Gillespie said:

Way to be on the ball for blogging this semester Chels! I completely agree with ya on writing complete sentences so that people can (hopefully) understand us. Then again, you could also be right when involving our unfair advantage considering our majors! Oh well, guess you really just have to keep in mind exactly what you're writing, who you're writing it for, and whatever it's about.

Kevin Hinton said:

Maybe we don't think about writing properly so much because we as English majors write often. However, if you are in any field of the professional world, you have to know how to write in all circumstances. OMG isn't that interesting?

Many young people may not realize that a lot of the world may not speak "text-message". I still don't see the point to a lot of it. How much time is saved by omitting a few extra syllables? I was in the 3rd Maura computer lab last year when a bunch of other people were around. This one girl kept saying "ridic". Really, are you that lazy? I hope she realized how ridicULOUS(!) she sounded. Are we now beginning to talk the way we text? Is rhetroic going to go down the toilet? Only time will tell.

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